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Take off to a dream career
The Airports Authority of India has decided to open eight new flying training institutes. Belagavi, Jalgaon, Kalaburagi, Khajuraho, and Lilabari all have flying academies under the liberalised Flying Training Organization policy.
This will be developed to meet the flying training needs of cadets in India’s bordering countries, as well as to make India a global flying training hub and prevent the emigration of Indian cadets to foreign countries.
The five airports were chosen with consideration since they cause the least amount of disturbance due to weather and civil/military flight traffic. The project assists the Indian aviation training sector in becoming more self-sustaining. We hope that the academies would provide a fantastic opportunity for young people to pursue their flying dreams in the country. India will be able to meet the needs of pilots in the future.
Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)

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