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Nature is irreplaceable

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Eijaz Mir
The famous and eminent sufi saint and the poet has stated and I quote, “Un poshi teli yeli Wan poshi” Which translates as “Food will thrive only till the woods survive”.
Almighty Allah, the creator of all beings has bestowed us with unending and unavoidable beauty in the form of nature such as green forests, lofty mountains, running rivers and lakes and so on. Nature has provided us with utmost and unending benefits which give a sense of happiness to human psychology.
Being humans, we have been given the choice by our creator to use and command such beautiful natural components on the planet, earth. The mother Earth has given birth to so many beautiful things for our pleasure and ease. The power utilised by human psychology has a great essence and sometimes utilisation of human power upon the nature proves very hazardous.
The human beings can be seen with contrasted behaviours, traits, attitudes, psychologies etc. On the other hand the natural things and heavenly bodies have a unique physical phenomenon.
They function within their own parameters and do not cross them. That is why we can see heavenly bodies such as the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth perform their functions given to them so smoothly and same is the case of other natural things of the universe.
The contrast between human beings and natural bodies is that we human beings do cross so many boundaries and jump out all parameters while nature sticks to its plan. If nature does so, the universe will end forever. That is why nature is constant and works upon the systematic principle. In this way it also teaches us to follow a systematic principle but due to our different traits, behaviours, we human beings often failed to do so. The most beautiful thing nature teaches us, is patience and discipline, followed by a foolproof systematic curriculum.
The journey to the mountains and the green woods with my colleagues was awesome and mind blowing. It was a heart throbbing journey which penetrates us with a sense of extreme pleasure and joy. At the journey, I along with my four friends discovered an outlook of a natural beauty at District Ganderbal which lies in Central Kashmir.
These green carpets and lofty mountains are located in small villages, Zazna and Ahan lies in District Ganderbal. The attractive view of the journey took me and my colleagues to the world of eternal peace where our senses felt full of pleasure and tense freed. I and my four friends started this brief but beautiful journey early in the morning.
The green carpets, meadows, lofty trees and mountains are really the best handmade carpentry of God. At first sight, I and my friends felt that we are not only ascending the forests and mountains but heaven seems to hold our hands. The attractive view of the green woods left us with the impression of jocund. So I and my colleagues forgot deadly present pandemic virus covid-19 forever. The fresh air of the woods, its green carpet has replaced our tension and depression with jocund feelings. The start of the brief journey filled our minds with such a positive energy, even we all forgot all pains of corona destruction, a severe pandemic of our present time. We felt in the other world where everything seemed awesome, attractive and mind blowing. While everything was well planned and set out perfectly. So we had already taken edible items along with other essential commodities for the perfect short picnic, engulfed with huge enjoyment.
The call of nature is unavoidable because you cannot restraint it by any mode or means. It is decorated with such an unending beauty of shrubs, green herbs and forest food. It beholds you and took you far away from malice and evils. It generates positive energy inside us and took away malice of our hearts and souls. While I and my four friends’ were ascending mountains, we saw tens of sheep grazing. They were of different colours and the shepherd was controlling them by a whistle.
Suddenly, one of my friends caught eye of a unique sight. So he began to shout in a loud voice, “look the eagles and Hawks are flowing above us.” Everyone among us seems to fly with them. Their flight was awesome following with a special order in one direction. They were flying high and high in the huge sky. At about 01:00 pm, we were at the middle of the woods and decided to have lunch. While having lunch, my colleagues were talking about many subjects, which mostly comprises of humour.
While I was partially listening their jokes full of humour because half of my conscience was busy talking with woods, lofty mountains and green carpets. So while witnessing such approach of mine, my friends started laughing at me. Suddenly, I felt something awkward happened. So I too cracked with a half smile. After lunch, we rested a little bit and started approaching towards the top of the woods. While walking half an hour, one of my colleagues told me an amazing thing about psychology of humans and nature. He said that, humans are always in a race to overcome each other. They are busy in a cut throat competitions. While every natural thing is minding its own business. It was really a wise concept given by one of my colleagues. We all appreciated his wise talk.
On the journey, I and my colleagues witnessed so many birds who were chirping loudly. They were of different sizes and having unique and beautiful colours. We also saw many animals, most of them were pet and not wild. During this course of time, we were also talking about urban and rural life. We also discussed some day to day matters of human life.
During the afternoon we took some rest again because we had felt tired. So we drank simple purified water with fruit juice. It refreshed our bodies and we continued our journey towards the top of the mountain which was full of green woods and giant like rocks. Seeing this all, I and my colleagues were full of energy and fun was overlapping us all. It seemed that nature was taking all of us into its adorable lap. We felt nothing but rejoiced and unending beauty of God’s creation. Finally, we conquered the top of the mountain exactly at 04:00 pm. Wow! It was really a huge and daring achievement.
At the top of the mountain, our level of amusement and joy grew ten times more , when my eyes caught sight of a beautiful Manasbal Lake, waves were flowing like to and fro motion. From the top of the mountain, the water waves were shinning like pearls, as the rays of the sun penetrating them. At the same time, we all started to feel gusty winds with little drops of rain. Me and my colleagues decided to take (Nuna chay) Kashmiri tea to get our bodies hot because we had started feeling the cold. Me and My colleagues were full of energy because the outlook below, from the top of the mountain was overloaded with utmost beauty.
All the villages of district Ganderbal could be seen clearly. Especially the nearby villages like Zazna, Ahan, Badampora, Nesbal and Batwina were viewed so beautiful from the top of the mountain. The most beautiful place we discovered was the other side of the mountain, the Manasbal lake, it’s Green parks and the Jaroka bagh, Gardens. The Manasbal lake which is considered the deepest lake in Asia was looking really deep, clear and crystal. At 07:00 pm, the sun was about to set. It was dusk time, so I am my colleagues decided to descend the mountain top.
(The author is a writer and can be reached at eijazmir2192@gmail.com

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