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A sincere prayer I made at dawn

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Ahmed Abud
It was the time of dawn and somewhere I saw written ,”We should be grateful for the beautiful souls we’ve been blessed with in our lives” and at once, it reminded of ‘you’, my amazingly beautiful sister ‘Dawn’ .
I indeed am very thankful to be accompanied by a wisdomful sister through this worldly journey of mine who provided me with so much to remember, with so many favours and wise advices.
I really feel indebted to you. I know I can never repay you with whatever you offered me, but just some prayers. I sincerely pray that “may every dawn bring showers of radiant light, lifting your spirit and bringing you splendid joys and happiness and enlightening your way with peace and success, filling your life with treasures of goodness”.
You being a possessor of a pure, kind heart and a perfect blend of intelligence, affection, wisdom, intellectuality, helpfulness and care deserve all the joys and comforts of life in real sense.
May every trouble fade away even before entering your life. May every trouble break into tiny pieces and vanish away even before touching you. May your life be shielded from even a grain of worry?
May loads of success keep touching your steps. May the warmth of sun gift you all the love and care which you selflessly spend on others. May the gentle winds bring you aromatic atmosphere full of fragrant affection, filling the sky of your life with brilliant colors of happiness and just happiness.
May your pulchritudinous heart always be loaded with inner bliss, content and calmness, soothing your life even in times of chaos? May every choice you make, lead you to tracks that will bring you to the ultimate destination where you wish to be in life.
May the jewels of honour and respect beautify your life. May all the gracious mercies and blessings be bestowed upon your life making it adorable and pleasant throughout. A precious pearl, only a one of its kind, reflecting all the light it possesses and is like what you are, a rare soul with a kind of exquisite inner beauty that only you possess, reflecting all the inner care and selflessly decorating their life with affection.
“An alluring soul full of wisdom you are. May you keep glittering like a star. The beauty of your soul makes us realize, How blessed really we are, to have you in our lives. May you always shine and always rise”.
May you hit every target you aim for in your life. May your hard work always pay you off bearing sweet fruits of stupendously splendid success?
And I pray from the bottom of my heart that may your every single big as well as small wish, that wish which you make for others selflessly or the one which you make for your own, the wish for success, peace and propsperity, for happiness, joy and goodness turn into a reality.
May each and every wish of yours be fulfilled bringing joyous smiles to your life making you feel awesome today and every day the sun rises. May you be blessed with eternal, everlasting peace and bliss in both the worlds? Aameen



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