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Learning from past mistakes

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Ravi Salgotra
Necessity in the mother of invention, this proverb has been proved right by the government of the time by taking emergency steps to deal with COVID-19 second wave in Jammu and Kashmir.
At the same time this scenario raises very vital question on part of the government that why they delayed such much desired steps and woke up from slumber so late. If two DRDO Hospitals having 500 capacity each in both the capitals cities of J&K UT can be installed in less than a month time, people have valid question to ask why these types of steps were not taken initially and why the government let the situation to go from bad to worst.
Due to lack preparation and requisite facilities at the hospitals including oxygen’s and other necessary equipment’s many previous lives were lost and many avoidable deaths could have been a reality.
COVID-19 crises has left several lessons to be learned particularly that health is wealth and there cannot be any compromise on quality life of citizens which is otherwise also their fundamental rights. Government must publically admit that their delay in gauzing the situation initially has taken heavy toll on the lives of people.
Let by-gone be by-gone from now onwards government should sincerely plug the loop holes and lacunas in the system so that a future government can make itself fully prepared to face the future crises. COVID-19 crises has exposed country’s fragile health care system thereby creating a strong need to spend more on health sector as only healthy India and fit India can contribute towards developed and prosperous India.
Right now government must have fully realized what is to be done and what should they do to ensure proper health facilities for each and every individual alike. The way patients had to suffer for a oxygen supplies speaks volumes of the preparation on part of Union Government to deal with COVID-19 crises despite the strong warning from the health experts, scientists and Research Heads that the second wave will be more severe than the first one and there should be preparation on war footing to minimize the impact of COVID-19 2nd Wave.
To deal effectively with Covid-19 second wave the only weapon was maximum vaccination, timely testing and tracing besides observing the guidelines of health department and SOPs to get secured from the deadly disease virus.
The government made a huge mistake by exporting the vaccine to foreign countries when there was anticipation that second wave will soon hit India’s heart. Initially, health department maintained that there should be maximum 27 days gap between the two COVID vaccines but after sometime government prolonged the period first from eight to twelve weeks and then from twelve to sixteen weeks.
However, experts justified this move but there were also apprehensions that this might have been done due to shortage of vaccines and also to start vaccination among the 18-45 age group as experts had made alarming claims that second wave may hit younger generation also.
Thank God that after few hiccups government finally rose to the occasion and took emergency steps by ensuring proper supply of oxygen, ventilators, Beds and ensuring more staff on war footing besides converting several hospitals into COVID-19 designated hospitals.
This definitely raises the confidence among the people who were initially hesitant to approach hospitals for treatment after media reports and social networking sites narrated poor arrangements at the hospitals.
All these proves beyond any doubt that if government intends to do anything it can do it in minimum time provided it should have the will to do so and also if the government is caring and concerned for the welfare of people they can do anything and everything to minimize public suffering and their agony.
(The author is a Jammu based Journalist)


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