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Darkness, an Enigma

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Shah Hudaif
Darkness is a weird thing holding a sort of an unknown power and haunts only those individuals who, in life have never been able to embrace the darkness that resides inside them.
For those people, who have embraced, it becomes their comfort zone, providing them with mental peace and pause as the chaos of the world turns to silence and serenity, a healing time for the scars of their hearts caused by the world, for the depressed situations the world puts them into and a time to ponder over themselves rather than thinking of this worldly life which’s full of twists and turns.
Mistakes and regrets make a huge part of darkness but forgiveness here plays its role as a ray of hope. Ever wondered why we mostly put our effort to paint ourselves a sinner? Someone who isn’t allowed to enjoy simple things of life, to live life as a punishment and to carry your regrets as a heavy spine- breaking burden? The answer is simple that we aren’t able to find it in any of the corners of our heart to forgiven ourselves, to redeem and to revive ourselves.
It is very natural to find faults in one’s own self and think of the failed choices, relationships and all other flavours of failure that the life serves us with, as a mistake of our own. But we must know that when we throw the dice, we might get our lucky six, or sometimes a four or most of the times any other number and the funny thing about it is that it’s neither the dice’s fault nor ours, but for getting a six we’ve to take our chances as many as it takes.
Life on the other hand is more or less similar to this thing. Failures are undesired but still continue to come in the way of our journey and are worth the desired success. As long as we do things, which our conscience and religion) allows us to do, we can’t be wrong. So we should try our level best to embrace the darkness within us so as to fail the outside darkness in scaring and consuming us. (adapted)



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