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Need for the establishment of Mathematics University
Dear sir,
There have always been fine intellectuals in India. Great mathematical scientists like Ramanujan and Arya Bhatt belonged to India. They have given India a different identity by researching mathematics. This topic has evolved greatly with time. But still many students are not interested in this topic. They describe this topic as being difficult, complicated, and boring. The main reason for this is ignorance of the math is students, parents and every person who comes in contact with students. Not only students but teachers too present this topic in difficult terms to the students.
To motivate students to pursue Mathematics as a subject, it has become very important to give them knowledge of mathematical topics, its elements, math courses, jobs in the field of mathematics, and employment opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to celebrate mathematical week, math month, mathematical year for understanding the importance of mathematics and explaining its importance to students. There is a need for special focus on this subject. This is possible only if there are people with knowledge, place, organizations which focus solely on this subject. A mathematical university should be set up where intellectuals and experts related to Mathematical subjects , related mathematical materials, mathematical literature etc. are available and where ways to make mathematics easier, interesting can be found.
Vijay Garg, (Malout Punjab)

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