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Book Review: The Midnight Silence

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Aabid Shahin
Good artists narrate their time. They speak relevant things and try to make a complete comprehension of their lives and of those who they are surrounded by. It gives me an immense pleasure to write a review to “The Midnight Silence”, an extraordinary beautiful book written by a young 18 years old boy ‘Faheem Ul Islam.’ Faheem Ul Islam hails from Pulwama district of Kashmir and is student pursuing his studies at Aligrah Muslim University.
This book is an emotional roller coaster. The author has written it in such a way that every reader is set to feel the pain of every incident portrayed in the book. I found myself holding my breath and gasping throughout. It is an artfully summed up, beautifully written, and surprisingly heartening book. It is a well written book that maintains the thread of continuity from beginning to end and narrates the story about Kashmir as it should be.
Faheem Ul Islam is a young poet who knows how to attract his reader and keep him touched with his verses. His flow, his subjects, the art of expression and his appeal is extraordinary in the times we live in and for the future too. For young ones who always remain curious to learn their past and protect their future, Faheem Ul Islam provides obvious material. This potent thought process inked on dry pages is enough to guide a reader in making himself stand to read it again and again and derive most parcels of its fertile thought.
While browsing through the pages of “The Midnight Silence” I was completely shocked on seeing the way author has narrated his time, those midnight tales of activity presenting a complete sketch of the ongoing conflict in Kashmir valley.
Faheem Ul Islam is an author who doesn’t shy away from these delicate themes. All the poems in his book speak of the courage, dedication and prove that Faheem isn’t afraid of barring his innermost trauma. With no filters, ‘The Midnight’ silence presents truth as it is.
This book reminds us that conflict and contradiction churn out seeds of hope and the courageous people who know a way-out to get out of the mess. This book dives a reader deeply into the stream of emotions proving the indispensability of Faheem’s art and thought.
The real scope of this book flows down in its every line. In a very standard language, it speaks of his time, the caged voices and at the same time fills a reader with rainbow of hope. Every poem feels like a new beat, a new melody and a new scream. This book is a voice against oppression wherever it can, laying bare all the harsh realities and removing curtains from the lives of oppressed and excruciated. “The Midnight Silence” is like a lamp in dark stormy night. The author speaks loud making a music of the lives of oppressed in oppression. Therefore with overwhelming joy and all my heart, I do welcome “The Midnight Silence.”
(The author is the director “Wular Publishing House” and author “Undead Fantasy.” He can be mailed at talibshahin927@gmail.com)


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