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Going slow on vaccination

Going slow on vaccination
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Covid-19 has cornered us very badly. Be it states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP, Gujrat, West Bengal or our very own Jammu and Kashmir, the positive cases and deaths is keeping no count now. During the first week of April last year Jammu and Kashmir recorded below hundred cases per day and at that time a strict lockdown was in place to contain the virus spread.
Today we record close to four thousand cases daily and around four dozen deaths are reported on a daily basis. In many other states and UT’s the situation is so alarming that people have shrunk with fear and desperation.
Mortuaries are full and people have to wait for days to get their loved ones face their last rites. Even reports are pouring that open spaces are being used as makeshift crematoriums and people are burning their dead ones without any hel from any quarter. The same is being witnessed in various graveyards.
Given the situation that has now become a reality and the opinion of the experts that covid is here to stay, a viable strategy needs to be framed so that people can go out to work and still manage to escape the virus.
A plan needs to be devised to strictly implement testing, tracing and asking people to strictly follow COVID appropriate behavior in all sectors. Secondly, a massive vaccination drive needs to be started to challenge the situation arising out of sharp rise in the number of COVID cases.
India over the past few weeks has witnessed a sharp rise in COVID cases. The daily cases have surged to four lakh with experts suggesting even a further rise. Considering the deterioration in the COVID scenario a comprehensive approach of the Governments needs to be adopted to meet the challenge. This includes massive vaccination drive across the country so that the fight against covid can be more organized.
The governments need to ensure a multi-sectoral response in addition to swift vaccination drives to cover maximum population of the target age groups to prevent subsequent waves of infection especially in the wake of emergence of mutant strains of the virus.
Though at some juncture we witnessed some sort of hesitancy to take the vaccine among a huge chunk of population in Jammu and Kashmir, but the way the covid has struck back the negativity around the vaccine has diminished.
We have already witnessed the fragility of our healthcare system. If the situation tends to grow like this then the healthcare facilities will once again witness the same burden that it had to undergo during 2020.
We in Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed close to 2400 deaths by covid-19 and lakhs have been infected. However, given our limited resources we have so far managed to avoid serious damage to the health and overall well being of the people here.
Though some complacency did figure during the past several months at some places and that is the reason that the cases started to grow once again, but we cannot ignore the virus threat. The government in all its urgency should ensure a well organized vaccination drive so the most of the population is covered within a short period of time. Any laxity can prove disastrous.


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