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Why Islam permits single marriage for a woman

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Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

Why has only single marriage been ordered for a woman at one time? The facts that have emerged due to a scientific research was also forced to support the commandments of Islam.
A Jewish fetus expert (who was also a religious scholar) openly states that there is no woman of any religion on earth more pure and clean than a Muslim woman. A fetus expert affiliated with the Albert Einstein Institute, a Jewish professional, announced his conversion to Islam, the only reason being that he was aware of the command of the ‘iddah of the divorcee mentioned in the Qur’an and the wisdom behind the three-month limit for’ iddah.
Introducing the wisdom behind the limitation of the commandment of Allah says: Abstain from divorce for three menstrual periods. (reference Albaqarah 228)
This verse paved the way for the discovery of an amazing modern knowledge of DNA and found that the protein in a man’s semen differs from that of another man by 62% and that a woman’s body is like a computer when a man has intercourse. If it does, the woman’s body absorbs and protects all the bacteria from the man.
Therefore, immediately after divorce, if a woman marries another man or has sexual intercourse with several people at the same time, many DNAs accumulate in her body which take the form of dangerous viruses and enter the body. Causes deadly diseases.
Science has found that after a divorce, one menstrual period loses 32 to 35% of protein, another menstrual cycle loses 67 to 72 percent of a person’s DNA, and a third menstruation destroys 99.9% protected protein of the body, and then the uterus. It gets rid of the old DNA and is ready to accept the new DNA without any side effects.
A prostitute has intercourse with many people, which causes the bacteria of different men to get into her uterus and accumulate different DNA in the body. As a result, she becomes a victim of deadly diseases.
However, the ‘iddah of the deceased is longer than the’ iddah of a divorced woman, because of grief and the former DNA does not expire quickly, and it takes longer than before to do so. The ‘iddah for such women is four months and ten days. Reference: It is a divine command. (Surah Al baqarah 234)
Faced with this fact, an expert doctor conducted research in two different places in the United States. In one neighborhood where African-American Muslims live, the DNA of only one husband was found in the fetuses of all women, while in another neighborhood where Native American free women live, their embryos contained DNA of more than one or two people.
When the doctor himself tested his wife’s blood, the shocking fact came to light that the DNA of three different people was found in his wife. Which meant that his wife was cheating on him and that only one of his three children was his own child. The doctor then became convinced that Islam was the only religion that protected women. And guarantees the harmony of society and the fact that Muslim women are the cleanest and most chaste in the world.
(The author is working as EDP Head in DD Target PMT Parraypora and can be reached at akhoon.aubaid@gmail.com)

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