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America’s proclaim to move out of Afghanistan is mere deception

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
As a student of history and political science, I have come to conclude that America and its allies will never leave Afghanistan, the graveyard of civilizations. From senior Bush to Joe Biden, they only have one aim to keep the pot of Asia, particularly the Middle East, boiling.
Some so-called diplomats are living in fool’s paradise that Joe Biden declared by 11th September, 2021, on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on twin towers of World Centre by the 19 Arabian hijackers, American troops will leave Afghanistan.
At present, when the Unipolar World has been taken by the multipolar world, America and its allies are in constant fear. China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, etc., have come close to each other.
In other words, they have made a block of its own that has made America to rethink about its overseas policies. Among all the countries in the present, apart from Russia, it is China that has proved a hard nut for America.
Pressuring it as much as it can, had resulted in propping up of China. One Road One Belt initiative is also hurting America very much. The CPEC venture has proved the last nail in the coffee of America as it passes through the territory of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.
China’s treaty with Iran for 25 years has also been taken by the West as an ill-omen. If Iran is able to make a nuclear bomb, then it will act as deterrence for America as well as for its suckling child, Israel. It is in this backdrop, even though, there are many more factors responsible, that force America and its allies to pack their luggage and leave the place that has cost them billions of dollars and more than 2,500 soldiers.
In reality, it may be called the “ clash of civilizations “. The First War, The Second World War, The Cold War, America’s war over weaker countries, etc. depict that all these things are about racial superiority, religious superiority, ideological superiority, military superiority, etc.
The Cold War was a proxy war that was fought over ideological difference. In the same vein, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar, Azerbaijan, etc., became the soft targets of American hegemony.
In the garb of liberal democracy and market economy, they destroyed the whole countries to ashes. So attacking Afghanistan and deceiving the world by giving different dates of leaving from Afghanistan, should not befool us. Barack Obama increased the forces and attacked many countries other than Afghanistan. Donald Trump, a fascist, decided to end overseas Wars without doing anything tangible. Joe Biden was the Vice-President of America when America attacked Iraq. So, it becomes quite clear that they are not serious towards leaving Afghanistan in the near future.
Taliban, the real leaders of Afghanistan, have the strength of fighting any force in the world. Britain, the Soviet Union was defeated in the last. Now, America has lost the “War on Terror” after twenty years. They are not in a position to fight some 50,000 or 60,000 Taliban Militia’s.
It is because they know their area quite well. Moreover, they have support from the neighbouring countries as well that keep them overhead. In this situation, Pakistan and India are feeling the pressure. India fears that if America leaves Afghanistan, it may become a ground for bleeding her while Pakistan is trying its best to bring all the warring countries to negotiating table, is also facing the heat from all sides.
In this situation, it is quite unreasonable that America is going to leave. All these are conjectures of mind and nothing else. America’s absence will create a vacuum that is definitely going to be filled by the Taliban. And the Taliban is hated by all and one for their fundamental principles. Let us hope for the best!
(The author is a teacher. He can be reached at Syedmustafaahmad9@gmail.com)


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