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Useful foods during Ramadan

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Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon
The eating habits during the month of Ramadan are very different from the rest of the year. Excessive consumption of carbs, sugars, fats and beverages during Sahar and Iftar not only raises sugar levels but also causes many people to gain weight during Ramadan.
Patients with diabetes should take these nine precautions as directed by TDC experts.
1- In addition to Sehri and Iftar, dinner must also be eaten.
2- Water should be used frequently between Iftar and Sahar so that the body does not become dehydrated. Be careful with tea, coffee and cold drinks as they can cause dehydration.
3- Do Sehri as late as possible and complete Sehri just before Fajr Azan.
4- Use low fat pratha or barley porridge instead of plain bread during Sehri. It provides energy to the body for a long time while fasting.
5- Start Iftar with dates and water. You can eat 1 to 2 dates.
6- You can have lemon water, buttermilk or diet drinks with less sweeteners.
7. You can eat yogurt, fruit licks or lentils in moderation, but jalebi, sweets, samosas and fritters are not good alternatives for your health. Use them only to the point of tasting.
8-Avoid strenuous physical exercise or exercise while fasting as it can cause hypo. Also, excessive sweating can lead to dehydration.
9- People who offer Taraweeh prayers do not need to exercise separately, but if you want to go for a walk or exercise, you can do it after Maghrib.
Some other important tips and fruits that are extremely useful
1. Small green cardamom
When you eat at dawn, chew 3 small pieces of green cardamom at the end and eat it. It will not make your mouth dry and you will not feel thirsty all day. Insha’Allah, the fast will pass easily.
2 Red peppers
Red pepper enhances digestion. It is the best source of vitamin C in the body and helps to easily digest food. Pepper also increases blood circulation and heat in the body.
3 Pineapple is the enemy of cancerous cells. Pineapple contains carbohydrates, proteins besides, contains vitamins A, C and calcium. Pineapple syrup helps in removing stones, drinking Pineapple juice relaxes the heart and mind. Pineapple syrup is used to quench thirst in summer.
4. Margosa leaves (Neem leaves)
Neem Leaves Eliminates dryness, kills blood sugar, removes all kinds of organic matter and is anti-infective, cleanses the blood, kills cancer cells, takes care of the tongue and eliminates itching.
5. Peanuts.
According to doctors, the use of peanuts maintains insulin levels, plays an important role in the formation of new blood cells, it contains vitamin E.
6. Benefits of eating onions
Onions control blood pressure besides cholesterol is also controlled by onions. The use of onions dilutes the blood.
7. Use pomegranate in good quantity
Pomegranate juice helps reduce belly fat. Pomegranate juice is a tonic for the heart and protects against cancer. Scientists claim that pomegranate seeds have the ability to reduce excess belly fat and also lower blood pressure.
8. Grapes
Grapes contain a nutrient that prevents cancer cells from growing and spreading.
9. Poppy Seeds
Poppy seeds work wonders to relieve back pain. Mix 100 grams of poppy seeds and Egyptian and grind it well in a grinder. Eat it with two teaspoons of milk daily.
10. Papaya
Keeping blood pressure normal is very beneficial in losing weight, eliminating obesity, eliminating weakness and keeping sugar balanced.
11. Bananas
Take advantage of eating bananas. They are beneficial in heart disease. Banana relieves ulcers, increases mental capacity, strengthens bones and reduces nerves tension.
12. Melon
Melon is the best fruit. It meets our daily requirement of vitamins A and C, it contains 90% water.
13. Eat bitter gourd
Bitter gourd cleanses the blood, removes waste products from the blood, and strengthens the body.
Dates are wholesome food containing high levels of carbohydrates, low in fat, good source of energy, contain 6 vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, A and Niacin, contain essential minerals such Potassium, Manganese and copper. Contain fluoride which strengthens tooth enamel. Contain selenium which helps prevent cancer, rich in magnesium which is a powerful anti inflammatory mineral.
Contain disease fighting antioxidants such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid. Strengthen the human immune system, high in fibre which improves digestion and relieves constipation, help cure intestinal disorders, healthy natural sweeteners, help regulate blood sugar levels, help reduce blood pressure, help fight anaemia, boost heart health, promote brain health, reduce risk of stroke, strengthen bones and improves hair growth.
(The author is a teacher. He can be reached at akhoon.aubaid@gmail.com)

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