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Staying safe

Staying safe
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Now that the administration here has made it amply clear that as of now there are no plans to impose a fresh lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir, the situation has become even trickier.
The decision to stay away from imposing a lock down must have come after lot of thinking and discussions. We also believe that imposition of a lockdown is not the only solution to curb the spread of the covid pandemic. The pandemic has to be dealt with using a multi pronged strategy and that includes co-operation from the general public.
It is a fact that the economy of the region has witnessed many ups and downs since the past three decades. However, the past two years have acted as a huge impediment for almost all sectors here with most of the people seeing their ventures in red.
The situation has turned so ugly that most of the businessmen fail to pay off their debts and despite some measures announced by the administration couple o month’s back, the situation is all the more worrying.
Therefore, imposition of fresh lockdown will further aggravate our problems and it can kick start a chain reaction where increase in the number of failed entrepreneurs will become the order of the day.
It has been more than a year now and even after the lapse of this much of time we have failed to decipher the behavior of the virus. The virus which is believed to fade in heat conditions turns aggressive once the temperature soars in mainland India. The recent spur in cases in various states can be cited as an example.
Similarly, the arrival of mutants has made things more concerning as the vaccines that generated some hope to take the fight against the virus to a second level have proved almost ineffective against the new variants.
However, amidst all this we have learnt some basics to keep the virus at bay and those basics can help us really start a fight against the virus that has otherwise baffled the entire world.
The only solution that has proved effective against the virus and helps us to keep it under control are the basic SOP’s that have been propagated since the day one. These SOP’s like maintaining social distance, maintaining hygiene, wearing masks, avoiding gatherings and evading unnecessary movement can help us in achieving the desired results of keeping the virus under control and stopping its spread.
But for this we have to act patient and behave maturely and honestly. People have to understand that mingling unnecessarily, roaming purposelessly and creating crowds at places need to be avoided for the time being as this measure can benefit us all that too without creating a burden on our resources.
SOP’s are the only solution and people should understand that at all costs. Even our religious obligations like praying in a congregation and visiting masjids and other religious places can also be put on hold for some time so that we can control the spread of the virus.
We have to understand that as of now we have to live with the virus and since the virus is a novel one, we have to adopt novel ways to beat it. Let good sense prevail and let us all stay safe.


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