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The Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

The Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
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Mohammad Hussain Khan
Before the age of Islam women were a very miserable species, considered as vile creatures of lesser origin with no rights. Before Islam, the majority of husbands did not treat their wives with respect. They scolded, yelled, reviled, berated and abused the wife, threw filthy words towards them, even beat or tortured them whenever they pleased.
Those were the dark times described in the Quran. There was even more ruthlessness and cruelty carried out in this unbelievable culture that is if a baby girl was born and her family were crouch to it she would be tolerated to live, in constant abuse and ructions from the neighbours towards her family and if the family could not bear all the ordeal they were entitled to bury her alive.
A girl was considered worthless by the society. To elevate women, glorify them, giving them the full rights on everything, to erase their misery and save them from adversity, objection, ruction and lowness, discrimination, intimidation and all terrible things that had ever happened to them, one chapter in the Noble Quran is dedicated to women and named after them “Al-Nisa”, means “Women”.
Indeed women are the symbol of faith that can move the mountains even. By her loving temperament, an atmosphere of mutual consideration can be created in a family. Sweet home, certainly would be her highest achievement.
Woman has multifarious duties to perform and that too nicely and efficiently. She stays at home, educates the infant, guides and goads the adolescent and keeps an eye on the adult. Her heart is overflowing with love. The family absorbs her entire interests. Indeed, it is for woman to protect the thin threads of family relationship.
The respect of the elderly people and to obey them, are some of the healthy traditions in a family. The moment someone adopts disobedience, the entire atmosphere is vitiated. The family moves towards ruin and disaster. It is here that her tender care heals the hurt hearts and loving treatment embalms the wounded and certainly no sacrifice is too big for her to keep the family ties intact.
There is no doubt that apparently man seems to rule the world, but the question is who has enabled him to do so? It is certainly the versatile woman who is the power behind the throne. It is truly said that the woman alone has ruled the rulers of the world.
If we turn the pages of history we will come to know that most of the great men of the world, who reached the peak of glory and grandeur, had noble mothers. It is the woman who exercises a healthy influence on her child by example and percept.
No wonder that only way to save humanity is to give proper education to woman who is the best teacher of mankind. If we educate the females we will give good mothers who will train up their children in fear of God and in that way our people will not only have intelligent progeny but also happy homes. Therefore the education given to them must make the women of this country faithful wives, good mothers, elevated sisters and intelligent daughters in bringing a real gem of the home.
Truly speaking whether the woman is sweet heart, a mother or a sister, a daughter or a teacher or an officer, she is always sweet, sophisticated selfless and patient. If we educate her properly, we release a great moral and spiritual force to regenerate humanity. There is a queen in her that has the power to bring out the king.
Indeed it has been rightly felt that for the full development of our human resources, the improvement of homes and for molding the character of children, particularly during the most impressionable period of infancy, the role of woman is of even greater importance than that of man.
And if we educate her well, we will educate the whole family. Prosperity and peace will come to the world only when the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world also. And let education create in her the power to handle the home wisely, office intelligently, society decently, nation devotedly and the world beautifully.
Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “ I urge you to treat women well”, “observe your duty to Allah in respect to the women, an treat them well”. (Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) last sermon).
(The author is a regular contributor to Kashmir Vision. He can be reached at Khanhussain.ang@gmail.com)

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