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Remembering the dearest Chaha

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Mohammad Hussain Khan
I remember like if it was yesterday when I was delivering a lecture in a coaching centre. My next door neighbours knocked the door of the class room and called me. When he disclosed the news of untimely death of my “Chaha”, I felt as if the world was caving in on me and it was almost as if everything I had ever known was taken from me. This mournful day was 17th April 1995.
Who was Chaha?
Chaha appeared on the scene when the villages were under the cruel clutches of poverty, ignorance, destitution and superstition. He was a born genius, a great social reformer and a gifted human being caring for and helping others at times wherever they need. To help poor was only his inner voice.
He was always worried about the hapless people. He loved truthfulness and justice. He was always saying that every religious tenet applauds and appreciates truth and justice. In the beginning this may be a difficult path to traverse. But nothing is impossible for one who is determined towards his good.
For him the truth and the justice were highest form of religion. He always behaved in perfect harmony between thought, word and action. To mean “No” and say “Yes” to give word and not to keep it, to nurse ill will in the mind and utter honeyed words to flatter man at his face and malign him behind his back, to be fasting outwardly and think all the while to be reprehensible and yet to do it, are all examples of disharmony in thought, work and deed and therefore of untruth.
Really, not words but precious pearls from the great “Chaha”. Truly, this disharmony breaks up man’s personality and leaves him no peace of mind and happiness. Chaha was repeatedly advising people to appear as they are. Devotion to truth at all costs was a passion with him throughout his life.
Chaha’s love for children and their upbringing was unspoken but always felt. Because of his unconditional caring for children, they called him “Toouth”- the dearest.
Certainly in Toouth (the dearest) we find a combination of men of thought and men of action with him to know was to act. Whatever “Chaha” said and propounded had the backing of experience. He formulated his ideas, tested them and wherever necessary corrected them in the light of his experience. The whole of his life was devoted to translating his thoughts into actions.
Truly, speaking in “Chaha” a great guide, teacher and humanity was inborn. His dream full of love, fellow feeling and free from greed can be realized only if his bullet proof ideas are followed. He proved it by example and percept that inherently human heart is good. Only conditions and opportunities have to be created to develop that goodness.
Now 26 years have passed, we can measure time but we cannot measure loss. The scenery changes and the terrain become easier, but there is no point of arrival. I hold your memory as a glimmer in my heart and have accommodated the grief. I remember your each and every word full of philosophy and knitted with vision.
Each night this year, as I rest my head on my pillow, I look forward to seeing you in my dreams and I am so grateful for the company. How beautifully said, “the life of dead is placed in the heart of living”.
“Chaha” I am indebted to you for living well and the loyalty that you had given me. You will be always remembered with grace and gratitude for all times to come. May Almighty Allah forgive you, shine “His” mercy on your soul and grant you Jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen.
Kitab-e-takdeer sai kiya shikwa ai dil-e-naadan,
Jab har cheez nai mitt jana hai tou phir khawa-hish kaisee.
(The author is a regular contributor to Kashmir Vision. He can be reached at [email protected])

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