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PDD is acting irresponsible

PDD is acting irresponsible
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We are well aware that the power situation in Jammu and Kashmir has been one of the major concerns for all the governments since the past many decades. We are also aware that the power needs of the people across Jammu and Kashmir have grown tremendously over the past three decades and people complain of harsh and long power cuts every year.
Though this has been the situation that we are living with since many decades now, but during the past two years we were made to believe that power imports from the northern grid have not only started to improve but a constant import of power will be ensured so that the needs of the people are fulfilled.
For this statement to be made believable the people were told that several grid stations and other major power reforms have been activated which would ease the situation and create a better availability of power for the people in the region.
However, all these promises have proved a hoax on ground as no major reform seems to have played the trick and provided some relief for the people. We are right now in the mid spring season and the people across Kashmir region are still getting power supply that was announced for the winter.
Most of the areas get power supply upto 14 hours a day and this figure witnesses disruptions as the unscheduled cuts are not included in this curtailment schedule. During the end of winter season the PDD would change the power curtailment schedule and would ensure a better supply once spring would make its presence felt in Kashmir.
But ironically, it is mid April and Kashmir Valley is getting power supply in accordance to the schedule that was announced for winter months. Though some claims were made by the top bosses of the PDD regarding bringing a change in the schedule, but the promises have proved fake and undependable like the department itself.
What is worrying is that the PDD has been in the habit of shifting all its blame on the people and escaping the responsibility of owning its failures. If the PDD claims transmission loss or leakages, who is to be blamed for that. At least not the people, especially in urban areas.
The people do not have any connect with the technical loopholes or other issues that the PDD faces while importing and distributing power. The only blame that can be put on the people is unjustified use of electricity and that too in those areas which are un-metered.
For the metered areas the use of power by the consumer reflects in his monthly bills which he has to end up paying at all costs. In such situations the PDD cannot escape its responsibility of a service provider and ease the situation for the common masses.

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