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Exercise restrain

Exercise restrain
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The lockdown and the subsequent closer of all sectors for months together is still fresh in our minds. For closed economies like that of Jammu and Kashmir such measures come with a heavy price.
Not only did our tourism sector suffer a severe dent but all other sources of livelihood and revenue witnessed such a slide that it will take years to overcome the losses and get things back on track.
Right now the entire country including Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing a huge spike in coivid-19 cases. The increased incidence of covid-19 cases points out that we can have no room for complacency.
Kashmir over the past few weeks witnessed arrival of all those who had migrated to other states ahead of winter season for trade and other activities. Besides, a good footfall of tourists is also being witnessed.
This means that most of the people who are coming back to their homes have a high probability of carrying the virus which has also been proven by the increased number of travelers being infected and getting detected at Srinagar airport and railway stations.
Covid-19 can have its grip back at any point of time as the threat is no longer over. We still have miles to go when it comes to vaccination as even the major portion of the population is yet to be covered. Covering the entire population may take months if not years given the pace the vaccine is being made available to the general masses.
Amidst the surge in cases even the World Health Organization has made it clear that it is premature and unrealistic to think the pandemic might be stopped by the end of the year. The health body has warned that right now the world’s singular focus should be to keep transmission of COVID-19 as low as possible.
Though the recent arrival of effective vaccines could at least help dramatically reduce hospitalisations and death the world has long walk to take before it actually feels safe from the covid-19 threat.
As far as Jammu and Kashmir goes the people here have started to ignore the warnings that have been put in place. People here in most of the areas have started to take the virus threat lightly as no more precautions are being followed.
In most of the health facilities only 50 percent people who come for various purposes stick to the use of mask and no mechanism is being followed to ensure that the face covering protocol is followed in letter and spirit.
We have many issues to confront and if we start getting lenient then things may shape up very badly for us. Not only are Kashmiri traders working outside headed back home but a huge string of tourists and other visitors are making a beeline to Jammu and Kashmir.
Things can get more complicated as people here have started to resume the outdoor activity. Just yesterday hundreds of people made a beeline for various gardens and parks and if the trend continues the covid infections will multiply by leaps and bounds.
People in this scenario need to act wise and avoid unnecessary visits and travel to places that can be avoided. Right now we cannot afford a lockdown and the people need to understand this.



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