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Motivate children to read books
Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for inculcating reading habits among children from a young age to strengthen their foundational literacy.
He stated that educationists, intellectuals, parents, and teachers to bestow special attention in promoting the reading habit among children. Schools should make the fascinating world of books come alive in classrooms and called for more authors to write books for children.
These books should be written and illustrated keeping in view the children’s varying interests and abilities. We recognize the significance of reading in the development of children’s personalities and to wean them away from excessive use of gadgets.
It is our responsibility to motivate children to read interesting books, magazines, and literature along with the course books. It is also necessary to improve the condition of libraries and to provide a sufficient quantity of books. Reading habits help children to boost their knowledge, skills, and interests and turn them into responsible citizens of the country.
Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)

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