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Book Review: ‘Wo Jo Khawab he Raha’

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Aaqib Shaheen
I shall leave now……To accompany the rotten leaves
Of autumn laid trees…..to never lose the spirit…
From the very depression the waterfall from heights chant the songs of mourning, autumn continuously burns the green leaves of poplar and destroys the nests of birds. Though river flows through its path but the gills of fishes are broken down. There has been a spree of violence and plunder. Still birds flying in skies whisper in my ears that…”this too shall pass”
Young Aaqib Shaheen’s novel ۔۔۔ “وہجوخوابہیرہا” is a tale of sufferings, hardships and miseries that a child of a lost paradise faces from the very beginning of life till it’s end. The very pace of his birth becomes alien to him. The innocent child is strong-willed with a deep sense of freedom.
He lost his childhood friend in a frozen Fog, though he could remember the days when they used to go out together for tour, read together and play together, but still he believes nostalgia is a weakness and he must prepare himself for revenge.
He always thinks about goodness and happiness of a society. The only thing now left in him is the hope and belief, now he is ready to face all the circumstances with persistence. He strongly believes the day will come when we will be on the top of a ladder and the blossoms of an oppressed garden will bloom.
Shaheen’s novel is a practical demonstration of sufferings and endless hope. Personally after having conversation with Aqib’s masterpiece, the words filled my heart with endless hope and ecstasy. I can easily hear my heart whispering…..”This too shall pass”…..
(The author of the book is Junaid Abdullah)

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