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Towards Shab-e-Barat, a Translation

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Aadil Hussain
No doubt that the life span of an individual belonging to the prophet’s (saw) Ummah is comparatively very short, Allah has blessed us with several nights, and the blessings associated with them are innumerable.
Our working in the field of Deen is much more rewarded when compared to “the people of two scriptures” (i.e. Jews and Christians). The wages given are more, while the work is very less (Sahih al-Bukhari 2268).
One of the nights gifted to us to expiate our sins is Shab-e-Barat (The Night of Forgiveness or Atonement), observed on middle night of the month of Shaban (Laylat al-Nisf min Sha’baan).
A large number of sinners get freedom from the hell fire, “Allah forgives more people than there are hairs on the sheep of the tribe Kalb” – an Arab tribe renowned for the great flocks of sheep that its members possessed- during this night (Tirmidhi).
Hazrat Ali Abi Talib also reports that Prophet Muhammad (saw) narrated on 15th Shaban prayers should be established during the night and fast during the day, because Allah is close to His slaves from sunset till dawn, “Is there anyone seeking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone seeking provision from Me so I may provide for him? Is there anyone suffering so I may relieve his suffering?” (Ibn Majah). Therefore rather than engaging in discussions on weakness or the strength of the narrations reported in favour of the night, we should sincerely spend it in seeking forgiveness.
Noori Mefil Pe Chadar Tani Noor Ki, Noor Phela Huwa Aaj Ki Raat Hai
Chandni Mein Hain Dubay Huway Do Jahan, Kon Jalwa-Numa Aaj Ki Raat Hai
The assembly is blanketed by Noor, envirioning everything tonight
Both the worlds are immersed in moonlight, who is being unveiled tonight?
Farsh Pay Dhoom Hai, Arsh Pay Dhoom Hai, Badnaseebi Hai Uski Jo Mehrom Hai
Phir Milay Gi Ye Shub KisKo Maloom Hai, Aam Lutf-e-Khuda Aaj Ki Raat Hai
A celebration on the earth, a display in the sky, unfortunate is one sleeping
Who can guarantee these hours again, His Mercy is public tonight
Abrey Rehmat Hai Mehfil Pay Chaye Huwe, Asmaan se Malaik Hai Aye Huwe
Khud Muhammad Hai Tashreef Laye Huwe, Kis Kadar Jan Fiza Aaj Ki Raat Hai
The clouds of Mercy are hovering, the angels have appeared from the sky
Muhammad (saw) has come in person, full of enthusiasism is life tonight
Mang Lo Mang Lo, Chesme Tar Mang Lo, Dard-e-Dil Aur Husn-e-Nazar Mang Lo
Kamli Wale Ki Nagri Mei Gar Mang Lo, Mangnay Ka Maza Aaj Ki Raat Hai
Demand, O weeping Eye demand, demand a lover’s heart and perception
Demand a home in Prophet’s town, the demands prove to be fruitful tonight
Waqt Laye Khuda Sub Madinay Chalein, Lutnay Rehmatoo Ke Khazinay Chaein
Sub Ki Manzil Ki Janib Safenay Chalein, Meri Sa’aim Dua Raaj Ki Raat Hai
May time come that everyone visits Madina to have treasures of Mercy
May everyone’s struggle reaches destination, this Saaim I pray tonight
(An urdu composition by Hazrat Saaim Chisti- R.A)
Though the blessings of the night are uncountable, certain unfortunate people remain devoidas their sins stand unforgivable. Imam Bayhaqi Shafi (RA) reports in Fadail ul Awqat that the prophet (saw) has warned six kinds of people will not be pardoned on this night: the one who is alcoholic, disobedient to parents, habitual to fornication the one who cuts off family ties, the one who draws portraits and the one who is tale bearer. May Allah forgive us!
Mera Amal Hai Siyaah Nama, Mujhe Khuda Muaaf Karde
Mein Janta Hoon Tu Baqsh Dega, Mujhe Khuda Muaaf Karde
The book of my deeds is disgrace, forgive me O Lord
I know you will pardon my sins, forgive me O Lord.
Pahaad Jaisi Meri Khtaayen, Magar Bhoot Hai Teri Aatayen
Muaaf Karna Shiaar Tera, Mujhe Khudaya muaaf krde
Stretched like mountains is my criminality, much more is Your Mercy
To pardon has been Your custom, forgive me O Lord
Azaab Dekar Tu Kya Karega, Kareem Hai Tu Karam He Farma
Sawaal Kaisa Jawaab Kaisa, Mujhe Khudaaya Muaaf Karde
You do not like to punish, Your Generosity we solicit
Why to seek answers from the repentant, forgive me O Lord
Andhere Shub Ke Kiye Hai Ruswa ,Ujaale Din Ke Kiye Hai Gahna
Saraapa Jurm-o-Khtaa Hon Maula,Mujhe Khudaaya Muaaf karde
The nightly sins disgrace us, ones committed in light haunt us
From head to foot am I drowned in sins, forgive me O Lord
Ye Haath Bandhe Ye Sar Jhukaye, Khada ujaagar Dar-e-Haram Par
Naweed-e-Bakshish Ka De Ishara, Mujhe Khudaaya Muaaf Karde
With hand tied and head bowed, I reveal myself at the door of Ka’aba
Give some hint of forgiveness, forgive me O Lord
(An urdu composition by Allama Nisar Ali Ujagar)
(The author is a student of BA (Hons) English at IUST)

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