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Tears fall in my heart

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Nasreen Begum
Kashmir has proud of literacy and language which started its journey centuries ago that grew consistently rich reaching Adnan Shafi who captivates the fadedness of heart by the consecutive sadism (Wizened heart)
Wrap your little fingers around my beating heart
Sink your nails deep into the walls of my heart to break my sanity into pieces
Undoubtedly, Adnan put the colours into it, made the language rich and decorated it with his creative writing. Many poets put the varied colours to make the land fertile, but Adnan took the language onto the great horizon, like political, economical and Islamic literature.
His struggle is highly appreciable as he contributed his part with sincerity and dedication. Adnan poetry reflects the pain and cries of the land. He pictured the defeat of humanity, ashes of the extinguishing candles, tests, sorrows, dry tears of the innocents.
His poetry also portrays the deep concerns of today’s problems and challenges of lives. Adnan’s conscious mind continued the style and creativity in writing. He is nurturing the language by his thoughts. He made us feel his individuality. His poetry is civilization in itself, it is communication, the sadness of age, sadness of partner, ailment of wounds, the life, colourful valleys of Kashmir, harsh life of Kashmiris which all he brings out taking the grasp of the corpse (I am the corpse)
I am the corpse, as my wishes dying every day into this bloody shootout
Like a dying star, I collapse every night
I am my own self-flagellation, wings of darkness
Feed on my fear, embroiling me…..deep and deeper
His poetry does not speak the imaginative romance but it presents the pain of living emotions. His poetry placed unique and different as it remembers the purpose of life and deep thoughts easily being echoed in these lines (Wrinkled pages)
At long lost
I stopped writing
Unrequited words of mine into paper with ink
Wasted breaths left unsent, backsliding purpose bechanced
On hackneyed away-brown crumpled pages
I hope these themes about the great poet will go deeper into the hearts of many people. I feel proud and encouraging by writing few lines about the great poet, leader, philosopher and writer.
I pray, may he write further and further, and may Allah give great wisdom and power in his writing.
(The author is a writer and a poetess. She hails from Bidar, Karnataka)

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