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Tulip garden an opening of nondescript attraction

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Dr Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
Kashmir valley’s famous Tulip garden is in full bloom and is ready to open for all. People like to walk through the densely blossomed and blooming garden which heralds the arrival of spring season in Kashmir after a long spell of winter.
They enjoy the painted beauty of almond trees in the garden along with multiple colourful flowers. They thrive in the natural beauty of valley’s famous garden and endorsed to bring mental relief for the people who were in gloomy mood amid successive lockdowns and harshest winter season.
Hundreds of people flock arm in arm with one another and perceive the truth behind the natural beauty bestowed by Almighty Allah. Kashmir’s blooming gardens have been taken out of the box without conventional thinking over the natural beauty but people enjoy its beauty without taking any care of moral standards. People and experts treat it as mental therapeutic dose especially to the people who are psychologically scarred but result is traumatic experience.
The valley has been under prolonged spells of lockdown due to outbreak of COVID-19 and apprehensive kind of atmosphere that was created by abrogation of Article-370. The people want to come out of chains to enjoy the colours of the lush almond bloom along with different colourful flowers with mere discrimination of gender, all are amassed in huge numbers along with their children and together camping for tea and lunch inside the garden.
It is a tragic move that even before Kashmir became tense for many years at a stretch but that doesn’t mean this particular and first outing since August 5, 2019 can be thrown in a state of total immortality. Every boy has his own arm of enjoyment without taking any care of being susceptible of moral decay. This chosen occasion can pluck the moral certainty of toddlers and preschoolers forever.
The caretakers of the garden are active in collecting the revenue from the public and looking the opportunity through the eyes of government that as much as possible revenue can be collected from the visitors with zero emotional beating to their sentiments.
As coming out of the socio-political conflicts, soothing the pained nerves of long-term and wading into the Tulip show means a person puts his foot into shoes supplemented with total immoral acts that increases the psychological problems of parents over the flirting process of their young ones.
The change in the status of J&K had resulted in frequent curfews and lockdown, which added further trauma to Kashmiri people. The experts of the society especially medical doctors start of taking preventive measures and advise the common people and families to go for outing to watch the spring blossoms along with bright colours that motivate them in opposite sexes to be involved in pleasure activities, even romance. This infuses the sudden behavioural changes among youth that is impossible to control because it is emotional attachment.
The outing in the garden of blooming of tulips will be a blend of various activities and can present a unique opportunity to display the diverse cultures including visit of bollywood stars with leading music maestros, are on the move to celebrate entry in the garden as festival. This can urge a drastic change in our traditional and cultural modesty.
The Tulip garden’s opening ceremony has been a back bone in the tourism industry of Jammu and Kashmir but it can break the bone of thousands of people with immoral acts. Immorality in this sense can go unchecked and often persists in the life of children. So avoiding the great deal of immorality is important otherwise, we face events that can leave our life with full of immorality.
(The author is a scholar and hails from Kuchmulla Tral)

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