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Scientific works of Imam Ahmad Raza

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Tousif Raza
As a fact world is full of qualitative people who made their revolutionary contributions through their work. One of them is Syidi Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan who brought the confidence among Muslim students and made them to think something innovative to develop Muslim world by knowledge, wisdom and capabilities.
Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri (1856-1921) the great Mujadid of 14th century is the name of such versatile personality which attracted a large number of men of letters from each field of knowledge throughout the globe.
Imam Ahmad Raza was such a personality who was having command over more than hundred spheres of knowledge like translation (tarjama), analysis (tafseer) hadees and all other Islamic fields and was also expert in modern science and due to this he became central figure of 20th century.
Besides his work and research on Islamic studies he also worked on the fields like Creativity, Psychology, Fluid dynamics, Light theory, Auditory theory, Atomic theory, Medical physiology (Gastro intestinal physiology), Homeostatic, Leprosy Medical embryology and Static theory of earth.
Imam Ahmad Raza was a scholar who spread real combination of principles of Sufism and Sharyat according to Quran and Sunnah. He cleared lot of misconceptions which were centuries old and existing among Muslims regarding the status of Prophet (PBUH).
Imam Ahmad Raza was having a great hold over fiqah and wrote more than fifteen hundred books over the different spheres of knowledge. By his inborn creative nature he was also a great poet and wrote over more than hundred poem only for the love of Prophet (PBUH).
According to him Muslims can touch the stars and can fly over the sky but they strongly should be attached to Prophet (PBUH) with love. During his whole life he proffered that people who are Muslims should be perfect in every aspect of life because our beloved Prophet (PBUH) was perfect in every aspect of life.
He said in one of his verse
وہ کمالِ حسنِ حضور ہے کہ گمانِ نقس جہاں نہیں
یہی پھول خوار سے دور ہے یہی شمع ہے کہ دھواں نہیں
As mentioned above that imam Ahmad Raza has worked in many fields here are some fields and references mentioned
1: Psychology and Imam Ahmad Raza
Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, as a science psychology is comprised of systematized knowledge that is gathered by carefully observing and measuring events according to Clifford T. Morgan psychology is defined as the science of human and animal behavior.
It is a well known fact that it is one of the oldest sciences that is why it has been expressed by many religious scholars as per Quran every human is born on right nature.
Imam Ahmad Raza, a creative thinker of 20th century constructed a model of personality structure with three interlocking part in his MALFOOZAAT-Part 3 before 1921 as NAFS as ID QALB as EGO and RUH as super Ego.
Before this he has said when any person’s eyes are deviated then his heart and mind both are deviated. As we know psychology teaches us how a person can behave good or bad and Imam Ahmad Raza gave a principle on controlling ones behavior.
2. Imam Ahmad Raza and fluid dynamics
As we know this subject gives us understanding about how liquids move. How they behave and how and in which manner they are to be used. Liquids and their classification is on behalf of their viscosity. As we are aware of the fact that the fourth state of matter plasma is also because of this viscosity but now the recent research have identified many kinds of liquids. There are many scholars like Sir George Stock and G. T Taylor who have worked on fluid dynamics.
This renowned personality and theologian of 20th century Imam Ahmad Raza has also worked in this field as he wrote a book named (Al-Diqat -I – Wattibian LA – Ilm – riqat – I Wassailan) and discussed about leaner blood flow in 1886.
In 1915 he discussed about fluid dynamics (especially Hydrodynamics) regarding continuity of flow, viscosity of various fluids, drag force, streak line flow various characteristics of water and kinds of water, classification of solutions like saturated solutions super saturated solutions binary solutions so on.
In this book regarding ablution (wazu) he has discussed in detail about Hydrodynamics he explained 306 kinds of water out of which only 160 kinds of water through which ablution is permissible. There are about 146 kinds of water through which ablution is not permissible. Now researchers are discovering this but Imam Ahmad Raza explained it a century before.
3. Imam Ahmad Raza and light theory
Today scientists view light as having dual nature. It is important to note that light shows many phenomenon like reflection, refraction and interference etc. Imam Ahmad Raza explained them also as Newton or any other scientist said.
Ahmad Raza wrote light and it’s nature and all these phenomenon in his fatwa named as fatwa e Razaviya in volume 3rd from page no 240 he says, when light hits a plane surface of mirror it bounces off at a regular angle this is called regular reflection. We can show it by shining a thin beam of light onto a mirror and marking where it’s reflection leads.
According to him some angles are made there in this phenomenon one is incident and another is reflection angle. These angles are equal to each other, reversal image total internal reflection and many other phenomenon are also discussed in this part of book (fatwa e razvia).
Once a question was asked to Imam Ahmad Raza by Sir Zia- ud- din, Vice chancellor Aligarh Muslim University of that times that what is the reason that the light appears before the sun rises and the light remains even the sun has fallen below the horizon. Imam Ahmad Raza a creative theologian replied in detail and explained in a comprehensive manner and satisfied Sir – Zia – ud – din by performing an experiment.
Dr Zia udin was astonished and acknowledged in words that Imam Ahmad Raza deserve for the title of Nobel Prize because imam Ahmad Raza solved a complicated problem of mathematics.
Here is what Imam Ahmad Raza answered: He said it is only due to the fact that light coming from sun when entering atmosphere has to bent due to the process of refraction and has to travel through the layers of the air continuously.
When the rays reach the eyes of observers eyes follow them back along the direction from which they appear to have come. The end result is that the sun is seen to be above the horizon even after it has fallen below or appear before the sun rises.
Besides, this Imam Ahmad Raza has worked in auditory theory also. He wrote a book especially about sounds. The name of book is AL Kashf I Shifa Hukum I.
(The author is a student and hails from Tangmarg)


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