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Encourage blood donations
It is commendable to note that some students of Lucknow University have launched an online blood donor group ‘Mission Zindagi’ to extend a helping hand to people facing a medical emergency.
The students are creating an online database of students, teachers, and staff who are regular donors or are keen to donate and coordinate to make donors available to the needy.
The group has created a link, ‘Mission Zindagi’, on the website where interested people may register themselves by providing their details and suitable time for a donation. A registered donor closest to the patient’s location will be alerted to assist. Any resident who requires blood may go to the Lucknow University website where contact numbers of ‘Mission Zindagi’ members are available.
The greatest benefit of the initiative is that it would save time and help rescue lives. This seems to be a praiseworthy move towards creating awareness about blood donations in society by facilitating blood takers. The need of the hour is that we should encourage blood donations widely to save the lives of millions of people and lose the misconception.
Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)


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