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Sheikh Aatif
With all the unexpected things happening in 2020 and since the outbreak of corona virus the lives of people were at stake all over the world. However, the pandemic corona was not the only cause of death for few people in Kashmir. In our valley we witnessed a number of cases where human lives were taken for granted and land, property, money were preferred over lives of people. We observed a number of scuffles over land and property which resulted into loss of human lives along with death of humanity, moral values, brotherhood and mutual love.
These cases of fisticuffs and scuffles over few bucks and inches of land cost a mother his son, a sister loses her brother and in few cases children lose their father/mother.
In recent case on 4 October last year a scuffle between two brothers resulted in death of one in Pampore area of south Kashmir Pulwama district. A 19 year old young Burhan Aziz sustained injuries and later died in the hospital.
On 9 July a youth was killed during a scuffle over some land dispute in Vailoo area of Kokernag in Anantnag district. His name was Ishfaq Ahmad and he died on the spot.
This horrific incident left the whole valley in despair and shock but to the conclusion no one really cared as these scuffles increased in number with more intense violent cases surfacing.
On 6 September, again last year a government school headmaster was killed during a scuffle with his neighbors over a land dispute in Poonch district. Mohammad Younis an elderly man aged 52 was hit on the road during the scuffle at village Qasba and two were arrested in the case. Another strange case of a scuffle surfaced on march 24 this year when an elderly women Aisha Begum, 55year old wife of Ghulam Hassan Beigh died in scuffle with her brother-in-law Abdul Rashid Beigh and four others in village of Dengiwara Rafiabad Baramullah.
This incident was a bit different as here the deceased was an old lady which infers her involvement in the scuffle with the mentioned men.
With these horrific incidents happening in our valley one can clearly envisage the future of that society where brother, father, and close relatives fight over a piece of land or some family dispute and end it up with the killing one or the other.
Taking a dig into the core reason of the fisticuffs and violent behaviour of people which end with the illation of loss of human lives we can say that the moral conduct is the need of the hour. These brawls seen from the last few months in Kashmir which killed many are the collective resultant of degradation of moral values, norms, ethics and lack of consciousness backed with greed and materialism in our society.
These things have been cultivated into our minds from a long time, the main reason for this has been our less and less adherence to the quality education and teachings, which I believe is directly in accord with the Islamic realm and adherence to it for the whole life.
The progress in worldly knowledge and intellectualism had driven a man into the deep sea of ignorance where he prefer materialistic life and is hell bent to gain profits from all aspects of life.
And not blaming any particular sect for this but this is our collective misguidance and the way of life we are living currently. Our children know the fundamental rights mentioned in constitution but are unaware of the rights of man to his brother, relation between father and a son and how things should be sorted out with love and calm.
The case with the modern life intellectualism is that people are aware of everything, living a luxurious life having all that is needed for happy life but are lacking those moral values and principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.
Islam teaches us the same thing and regards the excellent behaviour as on the best notion of faith a believer can posses. And it’s this moral conduct which is key to the harmony and peace and need to be adopted by every person of every sect.
Our society is getting deeper and deeper into this bog and no one bothers to find fine solution to it but rather catalyze the situation whenever confronted with one. Cases mentioned above are crystal clear examples of “to cry over spilt milk”.
All the families are now regretting for the tragedy happened with each of them in which they lost their beloved ones over minor land dispute or family disputes and now are living without them with a lifetime regret and grief.
What these incidents lesson us is that we should never ever let our anger or greediness rule over our moral conduct and consciousness state of mind. We should sort out these land and family dispute with calm and sound solution within family and in extreme cases we should involve the Masjid Committee (Auqaf committee) or the elderly persons of the society in eradicating the dispute on time.
On part of the role of neighbors and the elderly person in society they must try to ingress to calm down the matter before it turns into a scuffle. If we do not act wise and act as responsible neighbors, friends and relatives time is not so far when our society will imbibe the animalistic nature and one brother will be bloodthirsty for another brother and the fate of the society will be cannibal like.
(The author is a student at Aligarh Muslim University)

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