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Heed to the call for repentance

Heed to the call for repentance
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Dr. Sheikh Arshid
The fatal occurrence among youth due to heart attacks is rising at an alarming rate and its upsurge has occurred upsetting and psychologically disturbing life moments for every individual of the society especially parents.
The same feeling came to me when my phone started ringing exactly at 3:00am at night during our ‘Dawah stay’ at Jammia Masjid Machama Tral. The phone call was from my close relative and I shivered to attend it.
As I gathered all my courage and received the phone, the caller was stammering and bluffing a bit and I heard a far cry of weeping from somewhere in his neighborhood that surprised and shocked me. I directly came to know that somebody from my neighbourhood has embraced the call of “Death” and this was none but one of my cousins Sheikh Showkat Majeed from Kuchmulla.
A young man in his early forties had fallen prey of usual risks of heart attacks. He had fallen unconscious at his home and on urgent shifting to sub district hospital Tral where doctors diagnosed hypoxia which counts around 34 mg/L and was declared and brought dead. This shocking news has shaken hearts of all locals with grief and worry and everybody was shedding tears and grieving over the loss.
Sheikh Showkat Majeed, was dedicated in his whole life towards Allah’s wish, praying Nimaz five times properly. Instead of pursuing righteousness and godliness he was faithful, lovable and gentle. To obey the commandments of Allah without fault or failure he was always appearing in Masjid at five times a day. He possessed all moral values and lived his life without taking any kind of stress or strain. He had no health problems since he was underlain with some kind of inflammation on his feet from few days back. However, the doctors revealed that he died of a sudden heart attack that was unexpected as his healthy lifestyle shows no sign of ailment.
Probably the most-frequently quoted verse of the Quran about death is: “Every soul shall taste death, and only on the Day of Judgment will you be paid your full recompense.” So shall we return?
This is not the first untimely death incident at Tral since the past few months as Kashmir has been witnessing a steep surge in sudden deaths due to massive heart attacks in young people without any underlying disease.
Earlier, ageing was considered as one of the risk factors for heart attacks and it was typically seen in elderly people. But now, the trend has changed and young people are frequently falling victims to heart attacks.
There are various established causes for sudden heart attacks in young people that have been studied and reported. High-calorific valued foods and less physical exercise are contributing factors to the increase in sudden heart attack in young people. However, the important factors that add to these in Kashmir are cold weather and other related socio-political factors especially what happened from last couple of years which disturbed the mental health of the people.
The matter of concern is now that everyone among the society is frightened about the sudden fatalities happened with heart attacks. Parents are in shock as their primary bread earners are leaving the world without showing any cause of underlying disease or symptoms or any established factors that are responsible for causing sudden heart attacks in them. This time the proportion of deaths due to heart attacks is far higher than just a year ago and escalating at fast rate.
The death of my cousin Sheikh Showkat Majeed has shocked every individual of my area, scene of lamentation has provoked every corner of my locality. His father Abdul Majeed Sheikh was lamenting with deep breaths and sighs and all the day his eyes remain wet with tears. Sheikh Showkat Majeed was the lone son of father and his untimely demise caused huge jolts to the whole family and is far behind to heal such suffering of intense pain.
He was working as teacher in private school, Roopa Reshi Islamia High school Kuchmulla from last 10 years. He was dedicated and determined towards his teaching and had raised his standard by his moral values without showing any deceitful and hypercritic approach. His leaving for heavenly abode has created a huge void among his teaching colleagues.
There is growing evidence that vascular disease among youth results in heart attacks. It is a matter of concern that the young generation has fallen in this risk zone and that everyone in the society is getting disturbed psychologically and emotionally.
Pertinently, most of the heart attack cases were showing no symptoms after getting proper medical screening and Medical science surrenders without making any comment. If someone experiences easy fatigability, breathing problems, unexplained chest or abdominal pain, sweating or swelling, he/she seeks quick medical screening or supervision as there is frequent threat of heart attack.
The Health Department in Kashmir has created thorough awareness about it and is seeking more measures to contain the situation. Nothing abnormal in today’s world remains inexplicable; there is scientific acumen to aid us but past evidences of heart attacks has left medical science unanswerable and stopped its lip service.
Of course, mental stress and agony among Kashmiri youth—ranging from unemployment to sense of insecurity and lack of opportunities—is one of the worst risk factors for almost all the diseases likewise heart ailments. In most of the cases, it leads to drug addiction, alcoholism and smoking which inevitably contribute to sudden deaths due to heart attacks.
However, in addition to all the factors that predispose to heart attacks that the youth is totally distant from the bounties of Islam. Devoting towards Almighty Allah is a great blessing to a human being and developing a bond with great loyalty and dedication is sure success here and in the hereafter.
The aim of youth must be regular repentance towards Almighty Allah and his endeavors and prayers must be solely directed toward winning Allah’s approval. This effort, by Allah’s will, gives great spiritual strength to believers that unbelievers can never possess.
With their devotion to Allah, deep fear and powerful love of Him, dwelling in meditation, adopting fine moral values, commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil are fundamentally the ways where a believer especially youth can be found out of frustration, stress, depression and life disturbing ailments.
In modern era, a revival of Islamic reality is endeavouring with proper zeal and zest by Dawah of Tableegi Jammat throughout the world has provided a great platform in all ways where an individual especially youth can win Allah’s approval and blessings.
So time knocks us at every door step of life that we are being tested. Calamities and disasters are a test for a person, and this is a sign that Allah loves him, because this is like medicine: even though it is bitter, but still you offer the medicine, despite its bitterness, to the one whom you love; and Allah’s is the highest description. According to a Saheeh Hadith (authentic narration): “The greatest reward comes from the greatest trial. When Allah loves people, He tests them, and whoever accepts it gains the pleasure of Allah and whoever complains earns His wrath.
May Allah bless everyone among the Muslim Ummah, guide us to his righteous path and grant my cousin Sheikh Showkat Majeed highest place of Jannah.Ameen!
(The author hails from Kuchmulla Tral and often contributes to Kashmir Vision)

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