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Re-exploring the world

Re-exploring the world
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After Joe Biden took over the Presidency of the United States he has quite a big responsibility to shoulder. One among his key movement forward will be engaging with the world so that the US brings back the derailed relations it once shared with most of the countries.
The new President and his administration will have to repair the relationship with allies and engage with the world once again. American leadership has to meet this new moment of advancing authoritarianism, including the growing ambitions of China to rival the United States and the determination of Russia to emerge as a potential challenge for it.
During the past four years the world has changed to a great extent. With Trump coming to the centre stage rightwing politics dominated the decision making process in the White House. Since then many other developments too took place that reshaped the tracks world diplomacy once used to tread with ease.
From the pandemic to the climate crisis to nuclear proliferation – many challenges have emerged forcing the new administration to end self isolation and pick on the resolve of getting the nations together and fight the new challenges.
One of the foremost tasks that the administration has at hand is that it has to restore America’s most cherished democratic values- defending freedom, championing opportunity, upholding universal rights, respecting the rule of law and treating every person with dignity.
Secondly, the US administration has to think about rebuilding its past alliances and that too very fast. It has to re-engage with the world and take on the enormous challenges that the world order has faced or is threatened with.
US has got involved in many conflicts involving many Muslim nations and most of its involvement has been a severe violation of the ground realities. Be it middle east or even Afghanistan, the US has over the past few years due to its committed stand been on the wrong side. This has caused considerable heartache and concern among the masses.
The emerging phenomenon needs to be rectified at an earliest because a huge chunk of population is getting affected by the intervention of the United States. In the past America’s alliances would always prove to be its greatest asset but as of now no such order is being followed or promoted.
Taking head on even on its trusted allies was being followed during the past few years and that procedure has dented the US image of being a dependable friend. This is reflected in the level of deterioration the US finds in relation to its ties with its most dependable allies.
In a changed world where the challenges are many the US needs to put in greater effort and more so trust, among the leadership of different nations so that its numbers of friends and allies comes back to the level that provided it recognition as a world power.


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