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Rouble Nagi Art Foundation to initiate ‘Misaal JK’ initiative

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Srinagar: Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is making a significant stride in the country as it initiates Misaal Kashmir to contribute towards the welfare of society in Kashmir. The NGO founded by Rouble Nagi is working towards the pressing concerns of the society including education, women empowerment, and employment, sanitisation and hygiene in slums and villages to make a difference.
Expanding the footprint of the NGO and covering more people when aiding the country, the foundation now endeavours to transform the bastis/ areas and the villages of Kashmir over the next few months, a statement by the organization said.
The initiative will focus on changing the face of underprivileged communities of the area. It further aims to establish enriching capacities for fostering the all-round transformation of the villages in Kashmir as the foundation productively collaborates and engages with municipal bodies and institutions.

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