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A big boost to environment-friendly vehicles
The Union Government has announced a voluntary vehicle scrapping policy in the Budget 2020-21. Under the policy, personal vehicles older than 20 years and commercial vehicles older than 15 years will have to undergo fitness tests in automated vehicle fitness testing centers.
Anyone scrapping an old vehicle will get a certificate of scrapping and using that he might get a discount of up to 5 per cent while purchasing a new vehicle. As per the government’s data, around 51 lakh light motor vehicles in India are older than 20 years; 34 lakh are older than 15 years, while 17 lakh medium and heavy commercial vehicles are older than 15 years and without a valid fitness certificate. Hope that the policy will help in encouraging fuel-efficient, environment-friendly vehicles and reducing vehicular pollution.
Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)


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