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Low cost air connectivity

Low cost air connectivity
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The Jammu-Srinagar national highway is giving all sorts of troubles to the commuters especially during winters. This winter the highway has witnessed numerous closures for days together making it difficult for people to travel. After the road caved in at Kela Morh in Ramban the highway is still being not fully used for traffic and a makeshift bridge at the spot is being used to link Jammu and Kashmir division.
However, the more worrisome factor is the governments’ casual approach to address this grave issue. To begin with the government should have ensured cheap and better air connectivity to Kashmir region.
Not only the locals fear to travel using the air route owing to the high cost of tickets, the tourists too prefer to stay away from Kashmir as the airfares are almost out of the reach of a common man.
Destination Kashmir needs no branding, however, the circumstances have been created as such that this world famous destination is not on the traveler’s itinerary. Air travel to this place has been made so expensive that the locals here cannot even think of using this mode of travel.
As Jammu-Srinagar national highway has been giving the passengers a tough time, air travel is getting out of the reach of even the upper class. With no end in sight to the road troubles, air connectivity remains the only option that can be explored and provided as an option to the tourists and the locals who have to travel frequently.
Even though, the clamor for having an airlines operating with cheaper rates is growing in Jammu and Kashmir, but it has so far escaped the attention of the authorities.
The skyrocketing airfares that are being witnessed by passengers travelling on the Jammu-Srinagar-Delhi circuit are not only creating troubles for the common man but tourists too have started to ignore destinations like Kashmir.
The exorbitant air fare has been a concern for the commoners as well as the tourism players as various moves that were initiated by the previous governments in the past to control the rising air fares failed to yield results.
At present the air tickets on Srinagar sector are touching skies owing to bad weather conditions and closure of the Srinagar-Jammu highway.
The increased air fares have hit the students and frequent traveler who have to put themselves at risk by opting to travel by the undependable Jammu-Srinagar highway. Similarly, people who tend to visit various states for seeking medical treatment also face lot of difficulties while availing the air travel as the private airlines have resorted to all unfair means to harass the travelers.
The scenario needs intervention from the government as the issue has been troubling the people for quite long now.

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