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Prof Gopi Chand Narang: Aalmi Zubaan’s Special issue

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Rayees Ahmad Kumar
Aalami Zubaan is a monthly magazine published from Sironj MP. The editorial board of the magazine comprising of Wakeel Najeeb, Afaq Saifi, Saifi Sironji and Stouti Agarwal are working tirelessly day and night both for the upliftment and development of magazine as well as Urdu language and literature. The October 2020 issue of this magazine has been dedicated to renowned critique and distinguished linguist of the globe Prof. Gopi Chand Narang.
I recieved a copy of this special issue from Stouti Agarwal Assistant Editor of Alami Zubaan and she requested me to express the views in written form about this special issue.
This special issue about Prof. Gopi Chand Narang, legendary literary figure of globe consists of 32 pages in which well known writers and distinguished authors from whole subcontinent have penned their articles and write-ups about Prof. Gopi Chand Narang.
In its first editorial page Saifi Sironji the author of more than 75 books writes “some personalities in the world are born whose linguistic and literary contributions remain immortal for all times to come. They are multidimensional and if we discuss their each dimension, a book for each dimension will be composed. Among such multidimensional personalities was Prof. Gopi Chand Narang. Whether we discuss his writings or speeches, his each word has a deep meaning”.
Mushfiq Khwaja from Lahore Pakistan writes “It is extremely difficult to measure the exoteric and esoteric achievements of Prof Gopi Chand Narang. He is a great linguist and distinguished critique. Fazeel Jaferi hardly recognised any critique of literature in his life. Before certifying a person as a literary critique, he used to think hundred times. The certificate of being an extraordinary linguist was issued to Prof Gopi Chand Narang by Dr Gyan Chand who himself was also a great linguist.”
Mohammad Ayoub Wakif from Mumbai writes “Prof Gopi Chand Narang’s literary journey has reached a half century. His entire personality depicts the Indian culture and our rich heritage “.
Zulfiqar Ahsan from Sargoda Pakistan has written a well researched and detailed article in this special issue about Prof Gopi Chand Narang.
He writes “Prof Gopi Chand Narang is a well known critique, researcher, poet and intellectual. In 1931 he was born in Blochistan Pakistan. After partition he went to Delhi India where he did his MA Urdu from Delhi University. After completing his P.hD he was appointed as a reader at Delhi University in 1957.
He later served as the visiting professor of many renowned universities of globe. He has attended many debates and seminars of 20th century Urdu language and literature all over the world. Some of the well known books authored by Prof Gopi Chand Narang are — Hindustani Qisoon se Makhoz Urdu Masnavi , Iqbal Ka Fan , Asloobiyati Mir , Urdu Afsaana Riwayat Aur Masayil , Saniha Qarbala , Amir Khusru Ka Hindvi Kalam , Adbi Tanqeed Aur Asloobiyat etc etc. Dr Gopi Chand Narang is a word famous literary figure and is mostly invited during debates and seminars of the world universities”.
Prof. Aziz ullah Shirani of MANUU, Rajasthan has written a beautiful write-up about Dr Gopi Chand Narang. In his write-up he writes “Prof Gopi Chand Narang is a versatile personality. In the fields of criticism, research and compositions, he has got tremendous achievements. He was also appointed as the chairman of NCERT. As chairman of NCERT he has recommended the needful contents of Urdu subject from classes 1st to 12th”.
Hafiz Rizwan from Pakistan has written a beautiful review of one of the books of Dr Narang namely “Urdu Zubaan Aur Lisaniyat”. This book comprises of Prof Gopi Chand Narang’s 25 articles. It’s last two articles are in English. Foreword of the book has been penned by Mirza Khalid Beigh.
Khalid Malik from Pakistan has also written a three page article about Prof Gopi Chand Narang. He is of the view ” I feel privileged that world’s top ranked Urdu critique has got his birth in my native village. His forefathers belonged to my home town and later they migrated to Delhi India. He has spent his childhood in my vicinity and did his Matric from Govt MC High School Leia.”
M Khalid Fayaz from Pakistan has also included his well written article ” Gopi Chand Narang as a great Compiler ” in this special issue of Aalami Zubaan. He has mentioned the worthwhile qualities of Dr Narang in his article.
“Eye Of A Century – Gopi Chand Narang” This is the title of an excellent article written by Dr Zafar Sironji from Sironj MP. He writes “Prof Gopi Chand Narang knows Urdu. How much Urdu does Prof Gopi Chand Narang know, more than that is Gopi Chand Narang known by Urdu. Urdu knows his knowledge, Urdu knows his love for Urdu, Urdu knows his power of pen. Urdu knows his abilities and his nobility. In short I can say that Urdu and Prof. Gopi Chand Narang are the two sides of the same coin”.
Stouti Agarwal Assistant Editor of Alami Zubaan has compiled a detailed and comprehensive article in this special issue. “Narang Uncle Interview Ke Ayeene Mein” is the title of her article. She writes “Prof Gopi Chand Narang is regarded as the renowned Urdu literary figure of globe. When I was only ten years old, I used to hear from Daddy Anil Agarwal about Prof Gopi Chand Narang and his wife Munowarma Narang. Daddy and Saifi Sironji often attended his seminars and later they used to discuss about the excellent qualities of Dr Narang. In seminars every one’s attention remained on Prof Gopi Chand Narang and it often seemed that it was a one man’s show”.
Besides well written articles and write-ups from distinguished authors and writers from all parts of subcontinent, this special issue about Prof Gopi Chand Narang contains a dozen of beautiful pictures of Dr Narang. Some pictures are with Dr Manmohan Singh the then PM of India, with Dr Hamid Ansaari the then vice President of India.
(The author is a columnist and teaches at Govt Secondary School Anderwan Ganderbal)

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