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Biden at work

Biden at work
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America recorded yet another chapter in its history. But this time around the world is gazing at one of the biggest democracies with bated breath as the former leadership of the country unsettled various norms and rules that were otherwise considered sacrosanct.
Now that January 20 swearing in of President Joe Biden is a reality, countries want to be witness to see America repair its alliances and engage with the world once again, albeit with a change of heart and will.
Though the country is faced with various and serious challenges like attack on democracy, a raging virus, growing inequity, the sting of systemic racism, a climate in crisis besides America’s critical role in the world as a global leader. This means that the current leadership has to stand tall and deliver.
America is a country that is being looked upon by the entire world. Be it the principles the country follows or the faith in justice system, the US always lead by example except for the past four years when the US presidency witnessed an all time low.
So no wonder then, that Joe Biden on his very first day as the President signed 15 executive orders, reversing some of the key foreign policies and national security decisions of his predecessor Donald Trump.
This being just a tip of the iceberg the president has even claimed to be signing a number of executive orders over the next several days of the week.
Though his priority is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic that has led to huge death count across United States, Biden has already mandated the people to mask-up for 100 days to curb the virus spread.
For ensuring a better an organized fight against the pandemic Biden has already announced reversal of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the World Health Organisation. This will surely strengthen the country’s efforts to get the (coronavirus) pandemic under control by improving global health, and not wasting any further time as it seriously needs to create a unified national response to the pandemic.
Racial inequality has resurfaced in the US over the past few years and it has shown that the issue has the potential to disturb peace and social balance in the country. The incumbent President has to ensure advancing racial equity and root out systemic racism from federal programs and institutions.
The president also put an end to the Muslim ban, a policy rooted in religious animus and xenophobia. He sent a proclamation effective immediately halting further funding construction of the previous administration’s border wall and terminating the so-called national emergency use to wastefully divert billions for wall construction.
America’s outlook towards the world and the policies it sets has also created an imbalance that not only gave a licensed authority to hardliners but also meant that the world is headed for an unruly change. This emerging and dangerous phenomenon has to be on the priority list of the President who needs to devise a policy that initiates reversal of such possibilities.


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