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Physically challenged youth faces challenges of life

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Pulwama: A 25-year old youth from Pulwama who is paralyzed below waist is winning hearts with art work.
Mohammad Jibran, a resident of Pingalgam village in Kakapora belt had met with an accident in 2015 and since then he is bedridden. However, his will to face the world on his own has earned him laurels as he has become very popular for his unique art work.
Jibran said that the mishap changed his life completely affecting his habits and lifestyle.
“I had lot of spare time and to get myself engaged in some positive activity, I devoted lot of time on art work,” he said.
“I was very interested in such activities before as well but the physical disability changed my perception altogether and I started working on various ideas. So far I have been successful in crafting 3D models of houses, tanks, aeroplanes, robots, vehicles and many other things,” he said.
“I have started my own ‘YouTube’ channel titled ‘Jibran and art’, where I upload my calligraphy work besides models of building. I also try to explain to others also as to how these things can be made,” he added.
“I was BA 2nd semester student at the time of the accident and since I was bedridden for many months I could not complete my studies. But now I want to earn a name through my art work,” he explains.
He said that he hasn’t sold his models and other art works so far but now he has improvised on them he is planning to sell them so as to earn something from this activity. in future I will.
Pertinently, on Thursday a team of officials of Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises visited his residence and registered Jibran and art enterprises with MSME and also took part in National virtual Toy fare.
He while thanking MSME officials said that he has received several awards and appreciation certificates for his art work so far and now after getting registration he can also sell his art work.

Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a reporter and covers regional news and can be contacted [email protected]

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