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The magic of words

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Syed Tajamul Hussain
By flipping the pages of grammar books, we get filled with the surprise marriages of 26 alphabets to create the world of endless words. The figure of word makes us to represent our feelings, emotions and opinions with others. Without the invention of words, man might have looked like a living statue with the feelings chained and buried inside the body.
Words act as a nucleus around which whole of education revolves and presents an ocean of knowledge to comprehend the identity of himself/herself and of the world. Magic and significance of words can be heard from the illiterate one who will tell the story of wonders of words. Whatever, whenever and wherever theory and practice of learning stands is only with the help of existence of word.
Unfortunately, man had misused the resource of words to satisfy their ego instincts and immoral stunts. They had made use of words to malign the name and fame of someone. Words are being used to poke abuse and representing any form of obscene gestures. Such sort of unwanted usage gives us bad impression not expected to spring up in a society where education had tamed the people to be educated. Alas! Man is the king of all sort of sarcasm and does sarcastic things then and now.
Abuses and praises are apart from being different words carries different meaning and different weight too. The nature of words hence plays an important role in any conversation. It can transform delicate relationship into enmity and vice versa. It has the power to change war into peace, violence into calm, despair into hope and vice versa.
Some people are very careless at the words spoken during conversation, which leads the happy family to go for domestic violence. The domestic violence leaves dangerous effect upon the health of children. It is not mandatory to speak everything that is germinated in our mind, as some of the ideas may be too sensitive to cause hurt to others. Such ideas need not to be given any space in the conversation.
The need of the hour is to invest our extreme care and caution for the words and ideas used during any sort of communication with others. It is the fragrance of words that usher wonders at every space and time. Faults in parenting too lie in the mismanagement of words in which parents through words terrorize and pressurize their blooming kids in the name of marks race.
If parents had imbibed positive words towards their promising and budding kids, the entire story would have been different one. The weight and significance of positive words is too vast than universe and too deep than Dead Sea or Marina trench.
What is the nature of character or personality of someone has; only the words he/she is using frequently will tell. The weight of words is weighed at every conversation and determines nature of our personality and humanity.
Someone has rightly quoted as,” A slip in steps can be taken back but a slip in tongue cannot be revoked back” words can be both dangerous as well as source of inspiration. Through words, man began to invent wonderful books, newspapers, magazines, journals and lot more literary works flooded the web of knowledge. Sharing of understandings too is possible through the lenses of words. Man is civilised and modernised due to the blessings of words. Speak less does not mean that we should be mute as statue but represents that we should speak the words which are very necessary and very useful for others too. Words should be perfect parallel with respect instead of being symbol of shame.
Words as a resource need our keen watch and care from being misused and misrepresented. Words should be as beautiful as rose, as peaceful as a dove and as pleasing as sweet dream. The salt of positivity and a sugar of encouragement should be added into the water of words to make it more tasteful. We need to make our words to be inspiring for someone hoping big from ruined life.
Our words should not contain any sort of hurt, unpleasant and unwanted content for others. It should be monitored first before giving the space to come into being. Beautiful and delicate relationships can get broken if we play with the words carelessly. Jokes carry its own room and should not be taken as a synonym of sentiments. Let we care for the words to come as positive and pleasant instead of causing hurt and destruction to the positive relationship.


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