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Wudav Naar Pakhan (Wings of fire)-Part II

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Tousif Raza
The book translation is lucid as mentioned in the previous write-up. In there lie some special aspects of translation also which highlights the spiritual voice induced in the book. Specific selection of words for some particular terms of science and technology and many other subjects is very special.
Many legends of Kashmiri language write about the book in a peculiar way as they found this book not just a translation of life but the transportation of the facts about Kalaam’s spiritual life as well as scientific sense. Here I present some special aspects of the translation for the beautification of the book.
Special aspects
In general, this translation can be said as the transposition of a text into a different language from the one used to write the original text in a simple but a spiritual way because the thought is retained as it was.
We often talk about the “source text” or “original text/proto-text” and “translation/meta-text”. This translation in itself involves interpreting the meaning of a text and the subsequent production of a new text, equivalent to the original but in another language. It is, in fact, a written transposition of concepts from one language into another.
The words are used in such a way that it seems an original text not a translated work. The translator has aimed to transfer the text from the source language to the target language so that both the meaning and the writing style remain unchanged. Taking into account the differences between languages, it is often difficult to preserve both but Haleem has done it very smoothly and sensitively.
This translated book is informative, literary, scientific as well as technical. The translator has focused on the words, sentences and words too so that the chances of deviation from the originality of the book can be reduced.
Haleem’s transfer of words from one language into another has made this book easy to understand for literature as well as science students. Philosophy and metaphysical presentation of the book has made it spiritual in nature as well. Essentials of the book are highlighted in translation to understand the core concepts, for such some special extraction are made especially from the religious books (Quran and Hadith) further read the below paragraph.
Translation of the divine thought
Dr Kalaam’s belief in lord is peculiar and providing strength to all other believers. In the original text the words are written about his son Raashid ul Nabi, saying that “I will never be able to forget my son who is suffering from mental disorder since last nine years. Still even in pains he used to help me to reach the science by helping me to understand the scientific terms very easily. I believe lord is one, powerful and the only source to give and take the abilities of a mankind.”
Dr Ghulam Nabi Haleem in his translation has extracted this thought in a religious way by writing.” MAI CHU YAQEEN E QAMIL FAESLE CHE HARIE SAPDAAN ARSH WOL QADIR _E MUTALAQ PANI KARAAN YUS LA SHAREEK TE WAZEER ROS INTIZAAM CHALAWAAN CHU “Haleem believes that it is not only a thought but Preying verses as awraad e Fateh says” LA MANI LIMA ATIYTA WALA MUTEE LIMA MANATA, WALA RADA LIMA QADYTA WALA YANFA U ZUL JAD MINKAL JAD. More he believe that all the sufis who believe in spiritual voice are of this view also as Kalaam is. In his translation he has quoted Sheik ul Alam (ra) in his own style he says “CHI YAS DIKH TAS NITH HEKI NE KAHN NI
KYA KAREYS QABILIYAT TE KYA KAREYS ZAAT. If you steel anyone’s everything none among all can provide him, neither time nor ability. At many other places Haleem has made some extractions like this, so I believe in the fact that it is not just a translation of life history but a discovery as I already said in the previous episode.
The translator has opened the belief of the writer in a simple way, he has written even the quoted words in a religious way to prove the religious belief of Abdul Kalaam Azaad. This translation has taken into account both the characteristics and cultural norms that govern life in the two cultures scientific and religious involved in the translation process. This detailed knowledge of the cultures and traditions of both ideologies is expressed through this extraction method.
Why the book has been named so?
The author has given a concept of fire at the end he says “o generations you posses a revealed fire inside you that you need to transport from one generation to generation in a flying manner. The translator later has used the word divine fire as Muslim he believe that we should refrain ourselves from the errors in belief.
He believes that Islam is not only religion but a divine vision of life. The translator is inspired by the word wings “so he says the fire can be circulated only if flying. The fire is present inside everyone, everyone posses’ wings but few of them fly. That is why I have named it as ‘Wudav Naar Pakhan Hound’.
Haleem says fire inside everyone can be distributed only by flying, the with fire should be flying I believe to change backgrounds and thoughts of generations.
Precious views on transportation
Professor Shafi Shoaq says” The mentioned prose translation of Dr Ghulam Nabi Haleem is undoubtedly a bold work in our literature, it’s style of writing is unique as well as tasty and free from many other complications. The effort in the continuous nature of writing can be seen in the books also.
Dr Jawahar Qudusi says ” Dr Ghulam Nabi Haleem is a famous research scholar of language and absolute amazing writer and a legend speaker a loving critic as well as for the book is concerned it is a very big contribution in our mother tongue and a great achievement in the journey of literature for him in his life as well.
Famous researcher Dr Satish Vimal says” Dr Haleem is a well known and an abled leading contributor to our literature, his existence is like a fragrance of a flower to produce smell in the field of literature. I have been highly impressed by reading this book and it reminded me many other translations from him. I know Haleem since long I have read his translates like so far originally written by Amrita Preetam.
Abdul Ahad Hajini is of the view that “Haleem is a well known poet, writer and an unparalleled translator, the book ‘Wudaw Naar Pakhan Hound’ is a creation rather than a translation, it will recreate the sense and ideology of generations. It is directly a message to uplift the mind and give it the wings to fly up above in the sky for higher approach with light and vision. This bilateral religious as well as scientific translation is very beautiful in nature.”
If you want to shine like a sun, first burn Like a sun. Life in itself is a journey; complete it by flying not by walking. You have to dream, before your dreams can come true. Dr Kalaam’s I salute your work….
(The author hails from Tangmarg and can be reached at [email protected])

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