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Issues our education system faces

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Dar Shahid Hussain
Education is to impart knowledge into one’s mind and to make oneself aware of the certain information which is not clear or open to the pressing environment. It is the only powerful weapon, capable of lifting the society from the economic despairs.
Lack of good education therefore, refers to impart low level or wrong information to the learners by the learned. Such type of education is evident in various non performing institutions across the entire world.
The modern world demands education as one of the most crucial aspect of development. It promotes the economy, creates open minded people to stop discrimination of any type and eradicates various social evils from the society.
As far as the education system in India is concerned, it undergone significant developments over decades, yet one would be right to state that there is lack of education in the people of India. There is still a significant portion of the population which is illiterate due to certain reasons. Though the government laid various provisions for the education, however, those services are not enough to help all to achieve the goal.
In addition, maximum number of people in India tends to be retrogressive with regard to the matters of education. Most poor people (urban or rural) either ignore or don’t realize the positive impacts of education to the young generation. The most affected is the girl child as parents assume that the girl does not need education. These backward beliefs act as main obstacle to the development of children, family and the whole country.
Closely related to the retrogressive behavior is insufficient facilities provided to the children of rural areas. Most areas don’t have a school or if there is, then it is located far away. Again the parents are discouraged of the long distances and decides to not to enroll their wards in schools.
The large population also contributes to the insufficiency of facilities. Most classrooms are so crowded that one teacher seems unable to attend or understand their educational needs. Besides, the infrastructural structure of numerous schools is of low level, like the roads leading to schools are impassable and are found hard by either teacher or student. The unavailability of buildings also makes it a blockage in achieving the goal.
Therefore, education in India might seem to have developed significantly over the years but still, there is a lot missing in the sector. Several factors such as poverty, inadequate facilities, government failures and poor culture contributes to the lack of education. It is thus important to study the causes, effects and remedies that can be held to minimize or to eradicate it from such learning institutions.
Various efforts are needed to be introduced by government, stakeholders and individuals to improve the rate of education acquisition.



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