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Love: The solution for every problem

Love: The solution for every problem
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Tousif Raza

Introduction and definition
Love means a divine tendency or feeling to accept everyone’s existence that is created, or a bold representative of spiritual voice that comes from heart to delete the adversity and produce the opportunity for all equally and realize the truth of the fact for which mankind was created. Love is the vital core of the soul to retain its existence.
Shine on face emerge by pleasure which comes of inner love of heart and vice-versa. Hundreds of years before Rumi has said that” You have no need to go anywhere-journey within yourself. Enter a mine of rubies, and bath in the splendor of your own light, that light is love within your heart”. Love is the only subject that has no syllabus it is the only path that has no end-it is the only circle that poses no boundaries.
Definitions of multiple subjects are induced in it by every side. Centuries before Greek anthologies were of the viewpoint everything is philosophic then controversial idea came into being about it and myths beliefs and religious faiths started converting into literature which was entirely based on love stories of spiritual preachers and wholly changed the sense of religion.
Ideologically steady variations made people to think about the fact that love is worship in itself or the purest form of religion. They introduced their Gods and Goddesses their love stories in their literature.
Sofis are rightly of the view that life is more hard to live instead to die if you are in love. Love has taught me to sacrifice my vision of eyes to see the inner truth. It has given me a lesson, how you could sacrifice your hearing even being a listener. In return of all this there is only a valid reason for life and that is the unseen beauty of my Beloved in which every true taste, every true path and every true light exist.
The former feelings in my heart emerged after I saw the material form of beauty then after, every unseen truth was shining in front of eyes. Tears were dancing before me for the tolerance I had, they were celebrating the movements of pain as showing what actually the divinely gifts to heart are for love.
Now centuries will pass but there will be a voice of spiritual poetry in my upcoming generations saying “Love is the vital core of the soul to retain its existence of light forever”. Philosophers believe it is all just scripture but thanks to you Lord for making me to realize that it is not hypothesis but a shining and unavailable truth. This is bilateral but a real truth of each and every lover.
Spiritual aspect of love
Instrumental as well as spiritual voice in the world emerged through and made the creations familiar of the fact that love is the ultimate solution for every problem existing in the world with anyone beyond religious faith. As alama Iqbal says “jab ishiq sikhata hey aadab e khuda gaahi, khult e Hai Gulamu par asraar e shahnshaahee” When loves preaches you to seek God with love, the doors of kinship is opened for even the slaves. Spiritual voice of love said to me, there is nothing that is not me so submit to love without thinking this is what I learned from love…..Iqbal says.
Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity. The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death. It is directly a voice of heart that spread the light for self respect and self determination. If we are of the view “jab ishiq sikhata hey adaab e khud agaahi” in this mean we can compose millions of internal truths and philosophical realizations of our inner self shining and dancing around our existence.
In the streaming of conceptual course we will come to know by this verse that, we are none worthy if we do not find our Lord as destination. With the voice of love that come from split second we wouldn’t be able to reside with comforts until we get the best translation and explication of ourselves in different ways. Love is not only a prominent voice but is an authenticity of our trust in every being that exists.
Social and constitutional aspect of love
Society has lost unity, faith in each other as well as respect for each other is found nowhere in the world. Blaming, hatred, selfishness and all other cruelest bad in born tendencies are into being becoming stronger day by day. We are broken socially we have deformed our social shapes of being ahead of all it nothing but the adversity of the deeds done against love or opposite to the ideology of love.
We being a part of this universe are none worthy without spreading love as Khalil jabraan has said, “Humans are formed to rule all the universe because I believe that mankind is sent here for a spiritual purpose and the purpose to spread love. Social reforms made, associations created are just to stop the wars and made tie ups among the countries on material basis somewhere on business somewhere on deals but all of us have forgotten the basic discovery of unity and peaceful is the spread of love, it renews the soul regenerates the ideological similarities and provide prescriptions to be strongly safe in the journey of universe.
Every existing entity has two aspects one is physical and another is spiritual, love physically is not eternal but the spiritual form of love is till last it is eternal and everlasting lesson for man to reform and re-shine, recreate and resolve. It transforms soul from one strength to another to bear all that you face it provides you a capability to think from the brighter sides of social life everything from people seems a benefit for your life it is the power of love. It is directly a superpower to stop nuclear power threat among the people. From a couple to family, from a family to a society and from a society to the whole universe it contains proper or we can say it is a complete solution by itself solution to every, sociopolitical, socio-philosophical socio-scientific and even socio-religious problem of the universe.
Further being a preacher to mystical studies Iqbal says “Like Rumi, Attar, Gazali or Razi one can be mystic great and wise. But none can reach his targets and aim without the help of morning sighs”. One must know sighs are produce through kind hearts only and the hearts are kind only if filled with softness, ultimately softness emerges through love, so it is obvious love is the heal.
Love leads man for equality far from constitutional sights. It tracks man to uplift if man posses a direct path to heart from the external world. Heart turns from hardness to softness for just if filled with love as it is mentioned in hundreds of religious books.
Quran says “Those who prefer justice, their heart is filled with light, love and they seek their lords mercy”. “Those who are merciful for people will be forgiven, so we are addressed directly or indirectly. O’ mankind spread equality, humanity and justs which is only possible by love.
Religious aspect of love
Religious faith is a faith of divinity and a preparative lesson to understand lord in physical or metaphysical way. Every religion is ideologically uniform when we talk of humanity, human behavior but the ways to express are different.
Ramyana, Mahabharata, then two major wars were fought only to differentiate the love and hatred. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in one of his saying lessoned his companions “Oh my dears the best among you are those who benefit others in any way”. The above saying is not only a saying but a multidimensional lesson for optimism, humanity, unity originally about love, which is origin of all these human spiritual qualities.
It is directly a faith in religion only a study that provoke to let the feel emerge through and convey and transform it to another soul to retain the existence of mankind eternally. Shiv, Budha, Jain and all other ancient faiths go through the mark of love in a spiritual pathway through the light of religious scripts.
Islam as complete discipline guides for unity, love confession. Quran says “O’ Mankind come and tie up the rope of lord and don’t separate”. Union is formed through love, one line, one way and one conceptual thought is possible only when love is in state.
Rumi says Turn back from the outer, set your eyes within. Deem small of account the lion you face, for the lion must conquer himself, and is possible only through love. Love is always a root cause to the purification. Hence, we can say that love is the origin of peace and the ultimate solution to every problem that we face.
(The author is a student and hails from Tangmarg. He can be reached at [email protected])


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