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It was 31st December in 2019 when humanity was filled with hope like always- as they felt that the New Year will bring joy, happiness and cheers all around. People across the globe prepared to welcome the year 2020 with open hearts and warmth brimming up in their hearts.
Warmth, because the New Year would mean end to the troubles and woes that the people faced in the previous year-and hope, because people believed that the new year will bring some respite. But the joy proved short-lived and the year 2020 came with miseries that were mammoth in proportions and incomprehensible for the entire mankind.
2020 witnessed the arrival of covid-19 which proved to us that whatever technological advancements we may boast of, we still are at the mercy of nature. We were not only grounded at our respective places but were left hapless and wondering because the severity of the pandemic was quite alien to our understanding and comprehension.
However, amidst the drawbacks the year 2020 also showed us to relive the relations that we had forgotten and ignored to the hilt. We got to know the real and true value of our families and staying close to our loved ones. Though in the first few weeks the phenomenon proved quite challenging but in the end we got to learn to live with the situation and it really helped us to revisit the old family values.
Year 2020 also had some sweet experiences when we got to learn about sharing and caring. When people got to know about the miseries the less privileged class undergo with every passing day. The period not only imbibed in us the real values of sharing but also brought us close to understand what deprivation means.
The year 2020 is being cursed by most of us for not letting us to do things that we are otherwise free to do and that too at our own free will. But at the same time we tend to forget the values and the real meaning of life that the year made us to understand.
We tend to forget about the fact that the pandemic phase made us to realize that our worldly achievements are nothing compared to the losses we suffer by ignoring our dear ones and running after false and fake achievements.
The year also showed to us that profit and loss viewpoint is nothing compared to the love and well being of our dear ones. The year showed to us that we can still live with the situation and continue with our lives and do away with the rat race competition that we have got into.
The year also made us realize that no matter how difficult the situation turns mankind is capable enough to fight back and capture the space it lost due to hostile conditions. The year also made us to understand that bad patches and phases can be overcome with grit and determination.
So for all those who curse 2020 for all the miseries it brought, let us have a rethink and remember the year for all the lessons it taught us. Because in the end 2020 proved to be a good teacher.


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