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2020 Orphaned us! Who will adopt us now?

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Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Gori

Another year has passed and it is important to take an account of the happening of the past. Unlike every year, the year 2020 has nothing substantial to be remembered for any productive reason. Rather it may be recorded as one of the worst years in the history of human civilization.
We all started the year with a positive thought, However, the shades of cynicism had hurled already in December 2019with the advent of Covid 19 in Europe and materialized into the dark clouds of pessimism by the month March 2020 here in Asia.
It all started with the pandemic, things got displaced, there was a shift to everything, from offline classes to virtual classes, from crowded roads to deserted one, from office, to work from home and everything was like a makeshift. It looked as if we had only two months of year 2020 that we spent normally while the rest of the months passed simply by following the guidelines of lockdown 1,2,3, and unlock 1,2 etc. I am surprised if the first lockdown worked why did we have second lockdown and if the first lockdown didn’t work why still did we have the second lockdown. I rest this case with you to decide.
Year 2020 made us orphan in many respects, we lost some great personalities of the world. On a personal note, I wish they should have lived a little more, we all needed the in our different areas of life. The great personalities that departed to the heavenly abode were from different fields of life, like Film Industry, History, politics, and literature. Let us look at some the great personalities who passed away in the year 2020.
Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan January 1967 – 29 April 2020) Known professionally as Irfan Khan or simply Irfan, was an Indian actor who worked in Hindi cinema as well as British and American films. He was typically famous for his dialogue delivery. He died 29th April 2020 due to prolonged Cancer.
Rishi Kapoor: A veteran actor of Bollywood industry, Rishi Kapoor shot to fame with the film Bobby. The Nineties generation would always remember Rishi Kapoor for bring the harsh reality of the middle class on the forefront of the cinema in the movies, Bade Gahrki Bahoo, Moreover his romantic sons still echo in the minds of young generation. He did a number of films , Dewaana, Chandani, MeraNaam Joker, Amar Akbar Anthony,Karz , Agnipath, Sargam, Prem Rog, Heena, Laila Majnuto a name a few. RiahiKapoor breathed his last on on 30th April 2020.
Chuni Goswami: As if the shock about the sad demise of Rishi Kapoor was not enough, we received another terrible news of Chuni Goswami’ death. He had served Indian Football team as a captain. He too died on 30thApril 2020 aged 82.
Mohit Baghel: He co-starred Salman in the film Ready. He died of cancer and he was too young to die. Such flowers should have bloomed. He died on 23th May at the age 28.
Wajid Khan: If you are a fan of music then this name is not new to you. SajidWajid composition has given us songs in the films like Dabang Series of Salman Khan. Teri Naina being of the best songs. He left for heavenly abode on 01 June 2020.
Chiranjeevi Sarja: Chiranjeevi Sarja was an Indian film actor who appeared in Kannada films. Hailing from a family of actors, Sarja acted in more than 20 films in a career spanning 11 years. He died on 7th June 2020.
Sushant Sing Rajput: It was shocking to know that someone who conveyed the message of avoiding suicide for the failures in his probably last film ‘Chichorey’ ended up his life by Suicide. We lost a great talent; he gave us the super hit films like Dhoni. He is believed to have committed suicide on 14th June 2020.
Saroj Khan: If dancing has reached to its pinnacle in modern times probably Saroj Khan cannot go without a word of thanks being paid to her. She choreographed with many legendry actresses like Madhuri Dixit, JuhiChawal, Sridevi. On 3rd of July 2020 Saroj Khan left this world. She was 71 years old.
Jagdeep: This legendary actor is still in the minds of the people, his typical dialogue delivery as Surma Bhopali has earned him a lot of fame in the film industry. He is father of Javed Jafri, another legendry comedian of Bollywood industry. He died on 8th Of July 2020 aged 81.
Rahat Indori: 11th August will be treated as a dark day for the Urdu poetry lovers. This man typically known as Rahat did everything to take poetry to its peak. Hi style of narration was unique. He infused a new zeal in the veins of young generation learners of Urdu as well as non- Urdu learners by virtue of his narrative style. He sort of revised the dying poetry among the new generation learners.
Chetan Chauhan: Who does not remember the match where Javid Mindad hit Chetan Sharma for a last ball six. Except that particular dark episode, he has done tremendously well in his cricketing career as a bowler. He died on 16th August 2020.
Pranab Mukherjee: On of the prolific political leader and 13th president of India died on 31th August 2020.
S.P Balasubharmanyam: I personally had lot of liking for him since my childhood. I remember he sang the songs for Salman Khan in films like Mane Pyaar Kiya and Saajan etc. such a great human being who gave us songs like, Phelaphelapyaarhn, Boaht payyar karty hain tumko sanam. This gentleman left for the heavenly abode on 25th Sept.2020. We will miss you.
Jaswant Singh: His political career had many upheavals. However, he was known for the great courage and straightforwardness, that probably one of the reasons that he was a difficult political career. He died on 27th sept.2020.
Ramvilas Paswan: A great ministers in the political demography of Bihar, he held many portfolios in the governance of Bihar. He is one of the respectful leaders still in the eyes of people. He passed away on 8th October 2020.
Shams Rahman Farooqi: You must be knowing that 25th December is a birthday of many great personalities. However on this date, the torch bearer of Urdu literature in all formats like poetry, criticism, prose, Shmas Rahman left us for heaven. With his departure, the vacuum left may never be filled. His contribution to Urdu literature is simply immeasurable.
In all of this, I would like to remind that the year 2020 has been no good to Kashmir as well. The Killing spree continues. Let’s not forget the Innocent Young generation that is being bruised and killed without showing mercy to them.
(Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Gori is a writer and research scholar. He can be reached at [email protected])

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