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Work out a solution

Work out a solution
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Most of the times when our intellectuals meet and discuss the issue confronting our society, one issue that dominates all the discussions is the rising use of drugs among the young generation.

The issue is so widely discussed that hardly a day passes when we do not report about seminars, debates and even action taken by law enforcing agencies to curb the use of drugs.

However, the fact remains that many youth spread in various districts of Kashmir Valley are falling to the menace of drug abuse and this is a harsh reality which cannot be ignored. The menace of drug abuse is assuming massive proportions and the authorities and people as a society have failed to work out with a solution.

The drug peddlers of narcotics and pharmaceutical intoxicants have unleashed drug peddling on a large scale in the length and breadth of the UT, ruining and shattering families besides the health of these youngsters.

Hardly a day passes when police issues statements showing recoveries being made from various drug peddlers and even in some cases many peddlers have been booked under stringent acts like the PSA. Even cases of peddlers coming from other states and securing poppy husk and other intoxicants from this place also dominate the news.

The situation is more alarming as besides the narcotic substances a huge quantity of psychotropic drugs and other sedatives, otherwise used as medication are also seized quite routinely.

Moreover, poppy cultivation and distribution of narcotics and psychotropic drugs has become widespread in many districts of the state with many areas in south Kashmir and other parts as well resorting to various kinds of violations.

Notably, the police have deployed a huge network to keep a vigil on trafficking of narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs. District Pulwama in south Kashmir is known for poppy cultivation. Many a time Revenue and Police authorities have destroyed the standing poppy crops to prevent popularizing of drugs.

Still drug trafficking has increased during the year 2017, 2018, 2019 and even the current year as compared to previous years like 2015. The trend seems highly disturbing as those involved escape the clutches of law owing to various loopholes.

What is needed is the law enforcing agencies should shun the soft paddling with the culprits. The police and other law enforcing agencies need to get their heads together and frame a policy so that the routes of smuggling drugs and pharmaceutical intoxicants are plugged.

The age old laws related to curbing the drug abuse and its supply also need to be revisited to ensure that anti narcotic laws are made more stringent and exemplary punishment be given to those who are found prompting the youth to get addicted to drugs.

A deterrent needs to be set so that the future generation is not let to sink into oblivion. Time is ripe as the menace can spread at a much faster pace ruining many lives and families.



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