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New Covid threat

New Covid threat
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As the new variant of the Covid-19 virus is threatening the world again, authorities across the globe are gearing up and trying to curtail any fresh chances of the pandemic turning into a real challenge once again.
In India the Union government has gone pro-active despite there being a continuous decline in the number of active COVID-19 cases across the country. The government has asked officials to maintain surveillance, containment and caution, keeping in view the surge in the number of cases globally and the emergence of a new variant of the virus in the United Kingdom (UK).
To curtail any fresh spread the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has even issued fresh guidelines for surveillance with regard to COVID-19 and these will remain in force till January 31.
Accordingly, containment zones will continue to be demarcated carefully and the prescribed containment measures will be strictly followed within these zones. Besides, a COVID-appropriate behavior will also be promoted and strictly enforced and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) prescribed in respect of various permitted activities will also be followed scrupulously.
The new variant of the coronavirus has once again brought back the dreadful memories that haunted all of us when the coronavirus spread took the world by storm. Even in jammu and Kashmir the virus has had its deep impact as the fatality count in the region has risen to 1875. Besides, the number of covid-19 infection cases is also swelling with every passing day with the total tally touching 120293.
The new variant of the virus has already made its presence felt in India as the Ministry of Health on Tuesday confirmed six positive cases across the country who have tested positive for the new strain of the virus.
This should alarm the authorities in Jammu and Kashmir as the arrivals from England and other European nations are witnessed here also. That makes it possible that the new variant infections can also be traced in Jammu and Kashmir.
Since scientist have expressed hope that the new variant of the coronavirus will be covered well by the already cleared covid-19 vaccines, however, no such research can be cited where the believability of the claim can prove to be authentic.
As of now the people and the authorities in Jammu and Kashmir cannot lower their guard against the deadly virus as we are still far away from securing adequate vaccination dosages for the people here.
The way things are moving it seems that people here will have to wait for several months before the vaccine is actually available here for the people. Till then precautions and observing the mandated SOP’s will only ensure protection against the pandemic.

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