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Quran: The Ultimate guidance

Quran: The Ultimate guidance
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Tousif Raza

Religion through its guidance makes human being aware of the fact that we should refrain ourselves from bad acts and their implementations; all these guidance’s are not theoretical but posses the practical bases.
The difference between vise and virtue in religions is theoretical but practical implementation is provided by religious studies. This bilateral religious study make a religion a superior study in its origin in front of science and technology as a complete discipline.
The religious subject is primarily theoretical in its approach and orientation. It deals with the nature of faith and the qualification and quantification of good deeds and noble acts as per modern studies. But it also debates the difference between desirable and undesirable convictions and actions practically and also discusses the consequences that spring from their omissions and commissions.
Quran as a discipline first offers a determined solution of these problems and then discusses their philosophical implications, and the actions are replaced by dead rituals, and there is no vital link between convictions and actions. Quran suggest practicable ways and means to revitalize the dead link so that the creative relation between them may be rehabilitated.
This reestablishment of the vital connection of revolutionizing the social aspect of human being and Quranic Knowledge is basically practical as well as revolutionary. It does not encourage stasis. It does not recognize dead ends and blind alleys. It is the knowledge of light and luminosity. It cannot tolerate the discrepancy between desire and deed, intentions and implementations.
Quran as a discipline strongly believes in reviving the flecked out relationships between convictions and actions, because without this revival and resuscitation, human society is reduced to a stinking morass.
Islam which is built on the rock of pure fragrant faith can stand neither the jellylike, slobbering appearance of dilute action nor the stink of purifying faith.
Through this discussion we are now familiar of the fact that Quran is an introduction to divine truth and provides a practical proof for it’s divine and perfect guidance not only through theories but encourages for the practical implementation also.
Existence of mankind and the purpose of his creation is not confined to theories and reading but has a practical logic of existence. Quran in its existence is not only a perfect guidance but is practical guidance and contains a special status due to its practical form.
Theoretically or practically it’s priorities are different from the priorities of other disciplines. It inverts the conventional scientific procedure through a transposition of accepted priorities and establishes its uniqueness as divine revelation. Scientists are great people but they are not greater than God. The power of Him is simply inconceivable, so His guidance must be more practical and more powerful also. Quran dominants all other disciplines by bilateral and multidimensional nature.
Scientist claim to prove Quran as a static and unpractical book but since centuries it has never become possible for them. The dynamic nature of science is due to lack of spontaneous development and advancement of ideas, concepts and experiments in it.
Quran is static in nature only because of that it is advanced in origin not even a single word has been proved wrong by any means of science. Philosophical controversy as well as scientific advancement as the most accepting subjects of the world are now of the view that science is theoretical as well as practical book. Still being Muslims we don’t recite Quran, we don’t take lessons from it, we don’t make don’t make our decisions through practical voice of law. In Surah Asar it is categorically stated that every mankind is in encumbrance except those who believed and did good. Steadily Quran spells out suggestions and provide prescriptions to be practical in every field.
(The author hails from Tangmarg and can be reached at [email protected])

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