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Will Joe Biden put an end to Trump Era?

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Adnan Shafi
The results of the US election are out and now Trump has lost and Joe Biden declared a winner. Trump’s defeat and Joe Biden’s victory have been celebrated in major US cities, and the leadership of most countries in the world, especially Europe, has breathed a sigh of relief.
There will be a person in the White House who is known to the people and he does not take a hard stance. In particular, unlike Trump, Biden does not pursue a certain kind of divisive politics, both locally and internationally. Joe Biden also said he would work to end Trump-era racism and discrimination during his tenure.
Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016 did not mean winning the election of one person but winning the election of one thought. Before Donald Trump’s victory, it was seen that the right-wing thinking was gaining popularity in the world. In a way, this trend started with Donald Trump’s election campaign. In the pre-Trump world, some liberal values became important in society. Not to speak negatively about religion, race and segregation were at the top of the list, but it was seen that Donald Trump started talking about things that were against those values and that many people in America were probably thinking secretly.
Trump reinforced that negative thinking. The negative thinking that was suppressed by the rules and regulations of society began to emerge rapidly and hatred against nationalism, racism, and people of other nations began to spread and this populism was not limited to America but it has spread from Europe to India, although in Europe it is now controlled to some extent.
Now People in the United States and beyond are hoping that ‘Trumpism’ may end with his exit from the white house and that the world and its inhabitants may begin to move from the new normal of the coronavirus to the normal. Some analysts also say that the mistake made by the American people in 2016 has been corrected in 2020.
If you look at the election results, it is clear that Trump is still popular. Trump lost the election, of course, but the fact that he received only a few percent fewer votes than Biden means that a large segment of the American public still thinks more than he did a few months before the election.
Discrimination and hatred became popular. It should not be forgotten that Trump has lost the presidency, but his party, the Republican Party, has performed better in the election. The Republican Party has been in the minority in the House of Representatives (the US National Assembly) but has increased its seats.
Senate control also seems to have been maintained, and the majority of the 50 states in the United States have a majority in the local legislatures. Although the American people have rejected Trump, they have not rejected his thinking and his party. The reasons for Trump’s defeat may not be his ideological thinking, but his failure against the coronavirus and the economic downturn, but it is difficult to say whether his defeat was due to his new definition of politics and nationalism.
It’s weird that the Republican Party’s performance has improved because of Trump, and if Trump has lost, it’s because of himself, but the Republican Party has got the message that the way Trump has benefited from what he was doing in politics and after the results of these elections, he will consider sticking to his thoughts as the best strategy.
The United States has suffered a severe setback, with Donald Trump playing a key role. This divide has spread among the people, media, politics and society. Now it’s up to Biden how he bridges the gap and delivers. If Joe Biden’s performance doesn’t go well and he can’t bridge the gap, Trumps version of politics will grow and as they say ‘anything can happen in politics’.
Donald Trump has been President of the United States only once and he can contest the next election if he wants. The chances are slim but it can happen. However, one thing is very clear that Trump may go, but his version of governance has not gone and has maintained its ground.

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