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Going hi-tech: Police Bullet Proof Mobile Vehicles to be fitted with MCC

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Srinagar: Continuing its efforts to lace the police force with all latest gadgets, J&K police is mulling to mount its Bullet Proof Mobile Vehicles (BPMV) with the Mobile Command Centers (MCC’s) to boost its technical capability.
The police have already floated the tenders to procure the equipment to integrate BPMVs and the process of procurement of equipment is in the final stage, police officials said.
Officials said that MCC is a vehicle (such as a bus, trailer, or van) that is used as a main workspace and storage area for equipment.
“Since these vehicles need to function on the same level as a central office would, they’re often thoroughly equipped with industry-standard technology. It is like you are putting your main center of operations on the road,” a police official said, adding that tenders were floated twice so far and by the December end, procurement will be done.
Asked about the benefits of MCC, the police official said that there are a handful of benefits that it provides to the one who choose to use them.
“Some benefits include Decreased Response Time. This is true for law enforcement and emergency services. This is a much needed equipment that will obviously give a fillip to the technical capability of the police force,” the office privy to the procurement process said.
For example, the official said that MCCs can treat people in the affected area during a natural disaster as opposed to transporting them to a facility. “A MCC will also have everything that workers need in order to do their jobs as efficiently as possible,” he said, adding that “In scenarios like this, minutes can often mean the difference between proper treatment and tragedy. So, every second will count.”
He said that surveillance operations, for example, often require an extensive amount of equipment and technology to perform correctly and MCC is the best bet for police force.
“This equipment may need to stay in a location for days (or even weeks) at a time. This is especially true for areas that have a high crime rate or locations that may be targets of militant attacks,” he said.
“An MCC provides the flexibility to bring the full force of your facility to a separate location, allowing you to engage in operations that would otherwise be impractical or even impossible.”
For instance, the official said that at the security related event, MCC can highly benefit. “This can serve as a mobile crime lab for investigations at the scene. Also, this can be used for surveying an area with thousands of people around,” he said. (KNO)

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