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A bad loser

A bad loser
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The US elections are over and after nearly four tortured days of counting yielded a victory for Joe Biden, however what has come as disrepute is that President Trump is still insisting the race not being over. Trumps refusal to accept his loss has proven that he is a bad loser.
Even when the election results were still pouring in Donald Trump threw out baseless allegations that the election wasn’t fair and illegal votes were counted. He threatened a flurry of legal actions and fired off all-caps tweets falsely insisting that he has won the elections.
What was interesting to note that most of his close men who are considered among his inner circle were and are still nudging Trump and egging him on not giving up so easily? Trump is not expected to formally concede, according to people close to him, but is likely to grudgingly vacate the White House at the end of his term. His ongoing efforts to paint the election as unfair are seen both as an effort to soothe a bruised ego and to show his loyal base of supporters that he is still fighting. That could be key to keeping them energised for what comes next.
Ironically, however, the moves by the outgoing President will have a a cloud over Biden’s presidency with half the people in the country believing that he was illegitimately elected.
Even Trump’s adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, have also urged their father to keep fighting and challenged Republicans to stand with them, as have congressional allies.
This is setting a very bad precedence especially when the United States calls itself the champion of democracy and setting examples for others as far as transparency in public matters is concerned.
The bad taste with which the Republicans are generating does not augur well for a country like the United States, rather they should focuses on moving the country forward.
That the peaceful transfer of power was even in doubt reflected the norm-shattering habits of the now-lame duck president, who even in victory never admitted that he had lost the popular vote in 2016.
Most aides believed the president would take the weekend to decide on a plan, which will most certainly involve more legal action. But some aides believe the legal skirmishes are more about putting up the appearance of a fight than producing results.
There were some indications Trump was moving in a less contentious direction, even as he continued to angrily complain to aides, reviving old grievances about the Russia investigation that began under President Barack Obama.
As far now, the outgoing President needs to act like a true sportsman and display his statesmanship by honouring the verdict given by the people of his country that too during testing times and battling the pandemic.

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