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Money is killing us

Money is killing us
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Mohammad Hussain Khan

The world today presents a strange paradox. On the one hand there is abundance of material prosperity and on the other hand there is overall moral bankruptcy. In between the two, the man is badly torn. He is all lost to his own self. The devil in man is out to destroy the future dream of mankind- the dream of building a new social order based on happy life and cooperative living. We are fast developing an attitude where progress is measured not in terms of quality of life but standard of material, position and possession.
In present day materialistic world, money has become very powerful. The prestige, respect, social status, commanded by a person is calculated as per his monetary status. Time has gone, when we valued a person in terms of his moral and ethical values. People were earlier known for keeping their words and for donating everything to a deserving man.
Now people are known in terms of their ranking in the list of rich of the world. For the rich, that owe lot of money by hook or by crook, with fair or foul means and without caring even for their own health and own family. With the result they have no peace of mind, no moral and ethical values and no inner satisfaction. One must be wise enough not to run after money at the cost of the other important things of his life. Money shall come and go but a person should not lose the most valuable things of his life just because of money.
There is no doubt that life without money is a virtual hell but to think that, money is everything is a great mistake. Money is necessity only to meet our requirements and beyond that money is a harbinger of all sorts of vices.
To collect money to, hoard money and become richer and richer has become our sole aim in life. But money is not all the only thing that we need to keep happy and fit. There are several other things that make life beautiful and remember that these cannot be purchased at any cost. We can wear the most glamorous dresses but to give health to that somebody no amount of money in enough.
We can buy thickest and costliest of mattresses with money but no amount of money can buy for us a good sound and night’s sleep. These few facts are sufficient to awake us to the fact that there are many other important things that make for happy life. So we should give money only its due importance and not make it all important. In reality the position of the society today is far from being enviable due to money mania that has caught the hold of the society.we have sacrificed the bliss of happy and contented family in the guise of material luxuries. We have no time to love each other, care for each other or serve each other in the family because each member of the family is busy in the struggle of making money.
In this unit of a family where at one time the love we got was an elixir for our tired nerves, is now a missing entity. We have plush carpets, foam on our beds and a beautiful dining table with no one at home to share our joys and worries. That is what money has done to our family succor. The parents are busy in making money and have not time to spare for their children, the husband is busy buying diamonds for his wife but has no time to take glance at her when she dons. The wife is busy in preparing the office routine but has no time for the routine service of the family. So in this avenue of life money has done more harm than good. It has wreaked havoc in life.
On the social front also no one has any time to be even aware of about the welfare of the neighbours and colleagues as each one is busy in spinning money. In this mad race of hoarding money where no one knows anything about anyone, then where does a society exist? Is this what money was meant for? Family squabbles, social bickering, political gains are all managed for the sake of money. Today, no one understands any language except language of money. Money is important but only to a limit. Once the limit of satisfaction is crossed it converts man into a mere animal, a brute and a devil.
What people tend to forget is that money can neither buy internal satisfaction and mental peace nor can purchase the lost time and happiness of life. With money, we can buy a house but not home. We can buy a bed but not sleep, we can buy a hospital but not health, we can buy a position but not respect, we can buy blood but not life, we can buy pleasure but not love. I have seen people rolling into money, but are living in absolute misery. They have wealth, assets, jewellery yet lead a worthless, unhappy life. Money cannot buy you happiness which is the most valuable aim of human being. The greed for money is destroying our nature and led us into wars, famine, poverty and pandemics. In the society dominated by money, the relations have taken a back seat and morals and ethics seem to be lost. All said and done, one should control the money instead of being controlled by it. Be careful with money. Money is not faithful honey.


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