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Hope this will be over soon

Hope this will be over soon
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Almost a year has passed since the Covid-19 made its presence felt. The pandemic has changed our lives to an extent that we are yet to comprehend that we are faced with a new reality. We do not accept that we have to adapt to the situation that has risen out of it. Given the way the pandemic is shaping up across the globe it seems that our lives won’t be the same as they were till the day coronavirus made its presence felt.

To begin with let us all admit and accept that the measures we have adopted to check its spread need to be followed for a longer period of time. We have to come out of the belief that after the lockdown ends completely our lives will be the same as they used to be.

We need to understand that the lock down was put in place to slow the progression of the disease and not to eradicate it in near future. Any development that will initiate the end of coronavirus will be the discovery of the vaccine that is needed to curtail its growth and spread.

Since scientists the world over are working tirelessly to develop a vaccine, we will have to wait for sometime before we can say that the coronavirus threat is far from over. Presently, our sticking to the covid-19 protocols is helping our cause to a great extent as we can manage to slow the progression of the pandemic and let our healthcare facilities deal with the situation.

Since our healthcare facilities are too weak to face an onslaught of patients, our adherence to the protocols announced can hold the key for us.

We have to understand that there is no going back to the normal activities that we used to consider as a routine. Al least the trends that have emerged so far as developed countries are fighting the war against corona, tell us.

Though this means that we will have to be prepared to face economic losses as normal business operations too will have to face a long term restriction. Economies across the globe will keep bleeding and a place like Kashmir too cannot escape the impact.

Even if the lockdown is in its final phase, our main stay, tourism and hospitality industry will not be able to witness a revival. The tourism sector will have to wait a bit longer till it witnesses some activity.

The industry has been on a virtual lockdown since August 5 last year when the federal government announced scrapping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Experts who are dealing with the coronavirus at the frontline believe that the projected peak for the Covid-19 infections was in September. But there still is a word of caution as the resurge of the virus cannot be ruled out.

England, US China, Italy all these countries have faced fresh waves of infection breakouts and are trying to deal with it. In Vienna a lockdown has been announced from today and a fresh lockdown is being implemented in England from Thursday.

The coronavirus spread has made us to realize that the spirit among humans to fight against all odds cannot be defeated. Our reaction to the spread of the deadly virus will ensure our victory against it. And the more positivity we exhibit the greater will be our success to cherish.

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