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Propaganda radicalizing youth in Kashmir: Lt Guv

Propaganda radicalizing youth in Kashmir: Lt Guv
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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha advocated comprehensive measures on Wednesday to deal with radicalisation of youngsters in the Union Territory, saying terror elements from thousands of miles away are trying to infiltrate a large section of the society with the help of rabid propaganda.
Addressing policemen on the occasion of the Police Commemoration Day at Zewan on the city outskirts, Sinha hailed the Jammu and Kashmir Police for maintaining law and order and dealing with terrorism in the Union Territory.
“Indoctrination is not limited to an individual taking up a gun after brainwashing by terror outfits, but with the help of rabid online and offline propaganda, terror elements sitting thousands of miles away are trying to infiltrate a large section of the society,” the LG said in his address.
He said as a part of comprehensive counter-radicalisation measures, there must be a well-coordinated, community-supported platform to publicise and propagate the sensible voices against terrorist ideology.
“Our strategy on counter-radicalisation and de-radicalisation must be inclusive and should involve community elders to promote the message of peace, prosperity and harmony,” Sinha said.
He called for a regular change in strategy to deal with terror-funding from across the border.
“To deal with terror-funding, there is a need to change our strategy regularly so that we tackle it with a comprehensive response,” the LG said.
He said cyber-patrolling and round-the-clock monitoring of malicious content on the dark web is another challenge, but asserted that the police and other security forces are capable of formulating an effective mechanism to deal with it.
“As far as I know, they are already working on several aspects. We must have in-house expertise to analyse social media content, which will also help in increasing public outreach. I would suggest regular district-level workshops on the use of social media and communication skills,” he said.
Hailing the Jammu and Kashmir Police for maintaining law and order and at the same time, dealing with militancy in the Union Territory, the LG said he is sure that the force will continue to safeguard the reputation and pride of the country.
“Apart from maintaining law and order in Jammu and Kashmir, you are fighting the terror inflicted by our neighbouring country. I know you will continue to safeguard India’s reputation and pride. I think the police’s message that innocents will not be touched, but criminals will not be spared is enough for those spreading terror in the country,” he said.
Paying rich tributes to the brave-hearts of police and other security forces, Sinha asked the Police and Security Forces to go all out in neutralizing the threats. “Don’t touch the innocents and don’t spare the culprits”, he added.
“If people sleep at ease, it is because of our police and security forces who work tirelessly to protect the J&K UT from the evil forces and militants who are supported by our neighbour”, the Lt Governor maintained.
“There is a need to take stories of bravery and sacrifice of our policemen to our future generations so that they acknowledge the sacrifices of our men,” he said.
The Lt Governor said, “although we cannot repay the loss of a beloved family member, we can try to facilitate family members of the slain men through education, employment and other relief measures. It is my responsibility to take welfare measures for our policemen and their family members,” he added.


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