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Aim is existence

Aim is existence
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Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Aim is a foreseen thing for which all the activities are directed to. Aim is very important because it doesn’t allow us to waste time in useless talks and pursuits. Instead, it always keeps us alive and fresh. Every country, state or a nation has an aim for which they live. They utilize their energies in achieving that. But in our case, there are no such things. We live aimlessly. We are forced to live. We don’t know our worth. We only know imitations. Copying has become our habit. Is this the way of living? Can we reach where we are supposed to reach? Let us try to know it in some detail.
The inhabitants of the valley are not in a position to progress further. It is because we do not have the intellectuals among us that can tell us the importance of aim in chaotic conditions. They know the pulse of the society and guide it accordingly. In the times of happiness and despair, they always are present to guide the common people towards the cherished-goal. We were taught in the second year of our college life that when Ala-ud-din Khalji, a ruler of the Khalji dynasty, wanted to invade the whole world. But he was advised by his advisor that the dream couldn’t be achieved as he did not have philosophers like Aristotle, which ruled the Greek society, when his disciple, Alexander, was busy in conquering the world. He managed the affairs of the state.
In this perspective, we lack this facility. Here, the rejected lot rules the roost. No one is in a position to know the minuteness of a situation. Wild guesses are the order of the day. In this situation, progress is impossible. And we are evident of this.
Another loophole in us is that we don’t learn from others. We are prejudiced. We judge others without knowing the details. If it had been our habit to learn from others, we should have not stooped so low. We would have progressed in every possible way. International platform should have come handy for us. It would have at least told us where the fault lied. But that is not the case at all. Many nations have made their fortunes from the experiences of other nations, countries, states, etc. They left their callousness and embarked on the journey of the welfare state. They didn’t get stuck in the morass of the gloomy past. Japan is a living example of this. They turned destruction into an opportunity and made construction their goal. That is why they are the third largest economy of the world.
The third loophole in us is that we never try to know the origin or cause of things. We sometimes become violent for a moment and after a brief moment, fall silent. This attitude is very harmful. Any revolution needs proper planning, execution, management, conservation, etc. If we had bothered to know the cause of our destruction, we would have somehow progressed in the matters of intellectualism. We might have thought over the problem. But when this is not the case, any hope of expecting good is like a mirage in the desert.
The fourth loophole found in our lives is that we are lazy. We waste time. We don’t know the worth of time. Everyone gets twenty four hours in a day to get his things done. But the main thing is that how you utilize your time. Time doesn’t matter if you make much of a moment. Time is for those who have no aim. But for those, who want to progress, they never keep looking at time. Instead, time looks at them. Time awakens them if they feel lazy. This is the virtue of a community that has to reacheed the top most position of humanity and civilization.
The fifth loophole in us is that we are selfish and greedy. We won’t let others in peace until we don’t reach their status, by hook or by crook. This mindset can never allow a person to reach anywhere. Self harm is necessary to build the strong foundations of the society. If everyone thinks in this way, it will become impossible to gain anything good for the society. All the nations know the value of self harm. They are ever ready to sacrifice and keep their nations apart from others.
The sixth loophole in our lives is that we are disintegrated into a number of sects and groups. We have no common interest. Our interests differ very much. However, it is necessary to have different interests but the interest of a nation and community building should be the top most priority. Never should be a nation or community let down if there are untoward situations.
These are some loopholes or limitations that hamper our progress. Until and unless, we leave the above-mentioned loopholes, we can’t think of any real progress. So, the need of the hour is to leave leniency and find out the ways to come out of this mess. This quagmire has to be abhorred. What is our destination? What are the ways to be followed? Who will guide us? What can be beneficial and what cannot be ? These are the questions that will make our fortunes come true. Don’t waste your time in imitations. Try to carve out own ways. Time is running fast. We have to rise to the occasion.
(The author is a teacher. He can be reached at [email protected])

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