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Do we have reliable reasons for every blame game?

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Syed Tajamul Hussain

We are experiencing a cut throat competition everywhere and it seems that it is dominating every sector of living. Although competition is a good intangible resource that calls everyone to go more steadfast towards the goal. However, to cast synthetic blunders for others, making them to be stuck in the middle of the road to success is not a good feature as expected from humankind.
Such negative approach germinate a deadly disorder of which we call it “blame game” which in simpler terms means deliberately making others responsible for all the mistakes, loss or error happen at any time and place which was otherwise not done by the targeted victim. People are mostly seen blaming at unnecessary or unwanted things making the loss to change from bad to worst.
Everywhere and every time, blame games live in our pockets and we are using it on daily basis to hamper festive moods and smiles of people. Why we are paying too much blames, to create odd and awkward conditions at the juncture where it puts someone in the state of embracement, fuming, freaking and boiling with anger? Why cannot we have the limits or reliable reasons to blame at anyone? Why not we give credit or a statement of praise looking at the positive lines done by someone instead of waiting for the weakness, faults, or mistakes to play the game of blames? Why every embroil bears blame game?
If one is not getting high marks, is shown such worst kind of blames in a way just like he/ she has made the whole nation to get negative GDP results. If one is not cooking food well, she is blamed for being untrained to get fit in the in-laws atmosphere. If one is not earning good enough income, is blamed for being too lazy and incompetent.
Surprisingly, people had gone out of the limits by blaming even on those who are making success stories then and now. If ever one gets government job, is blamed for using corruption medium to get the work done or have did on nepotism angles. If one happens to get high marks, is blamed for having undisclosed secret association with boards or higher officials to get such flying colors. Why blame toys are always played on every rise and fall of man? Do we have reliable reasons for every blame game we played?
Man is by nature, an epitome of both problem maker as well as problem breaker. If we are too fed up or feeling somewhat unease for the bugs created by others, then just remember the situation at which we are at the side of making mistakes. No one here is just like an angel having no art of making errors.
We are not here to deliberately make out the mistakes in order to make others uncomfortable or unhappy. Why we are blamed in such an odd angles that pokes us to get mentally affected in the end? Sometimes, too much blaming proves a dangerous force that made the victim to go for suicides. Why cannot we have feelings that each and everyone are getting mentally affected due to our frequent blame games? Why we not act maturely and in a civilized way while handling mistakes of others? There may be some other alternative ways to handle the situation than playing such childish blame games.
If a nation is in the state of economic crises, why we blame the NITI Aayog or finance department for the loss or mess? Why cannot we take pandemic and scarce resources as the reasons for such unpredicted fall in the economic status of nation? If we are feeling that, they are not working honestly and are indulging in frauds. then look for a minute on our own families and check how much we have become successful to make the economic conditions of our families healthy and economical .
If we are taking Covid-19 responsible for the economic crisis in our family then why cannot the same covid19 be responsible for the recession conditions of our nation. It is not the matter of backing up or supporting the nation in all angles, as it was the matter that we without watching 360° angle to any situation, are making blames so fast that even fastest man Usian Bolt cannot catch us.
It is a high time for us to see how much we all are affected due to frequent and too much blame, one is poking upon us with or without reason. We should suggest the remedial measures for the victim about how to combat the frequency of making mistakes rather blowing fire of blames to burn us completely.
We should lend a helping hand to others helping them to overcome failure, loss or any other misfortune events in order to bring a hope of living a happy life. Let we stop blaming unnecessary and encourage the whole mankind to come out of unwanted and worst kind of blame games.
(The author hails from Drubgam area of Pulwama. He frequently contributes to Kashmir Vision)

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