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International student mobility for UG courses high among Indians

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Ankit Kapoor
While education remains a vital part of any individual’s life span, that not only assists in providing a threshold to a flourishing career but also broadens the horizon to give a positive outlook to their personality. Analyzing the estimated students for undergraduate programs, around 9 crore in senior secondary level and nearly 3.5 crore in higher education. But devoid of availability of quality higher education institutions in India, the number of students opting for the best higher education remains in incongruity, leading to a steady outflow of the Indian Students for International Education.
Attributing to a plethora of quite obvious reasons like Emotional control, financial budget, dependent nature of the child, culture, and lifestyle of various countries, and most importantly unawareness, parents were earlier hesitant to send their kids abroad, as seen historically. The demand for high-quality education fuelled by a rising and stable economic condition in the country has managed to make this idea turn into a reality for many.
Students these days are opting for higher education in a foreign destination. However, abundant options and too many choices make this dream a challenge for many to achieve. According to UNESCO, there has been an increase of 163% in the International applications for higher education from India and since 2014, India had outpaced China in International student mobility. These impressive figures are backed by even more staggering totals.
Why Indian students’ International Mobility on rise?
When you look at the kind of course combinations that are provided by international universities today, they will definitely attract any student who is willing to explore possibilities through various courses or inculcate experience by mixing with international peer groups. Imagine studying Arts and Business together at the University of Waterloo under a course called “Honors Arts and Business” or studying Psychology with Linguistics at University College London.
But a student aiming to go abroad for education should consider factors that include languages known, budget, aptitude, suitable country, and future plans. Many students due to incomplete research end up getting an admission in a university of less credibility.
As far as financing the education is concerned, today most students look at affordable universities with part-time work opportunities in order to be able to fund their living cost. The bigger question however remains that what exactly are the top universities looking for in their students which requires an expert guidance and assistance.
What to know while applying International UG course?
Specialized team is required to provide holistic guidance on the choice of universities, profile building, deadlines, university application, visa processing, and even financial planning to study and get into the world’s best universities. Providing with a seamless experience to the students and the parents, it is with immense pleasure and delight that Pratham test prep has so far in its 11 years of expertise, showcased 100% application and visa success and have successfully placed students in world top universities such as the University of Toronto, University of Melbourne, University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, and Germany many more to list, who have been awarded with scholarships.
It is important for a student to understand the importance of building a profile. If one studies the student profiles accepted in top universities across the world there are a few common traits within the students:
1. Concern for community: if you do not bother for people or conditions around you and do not have an urge to improve situations, probably an expensive education in a top university is of no good to you.
2. Interest towards the course: Prove it to the university that you are keenly interested in the subject that you are applying to, Only exceptional academic scores in the subject might not be enough in this regard, rather your participation in subject based Olympiads, quizzes or taking higher level courses may be worthwhile.
3. Leadership and Risk-Taking capacities: Very common skill in sophomores of top-notch universities across the world. If you have the capacity of taking the initiative and leading others towards a positive movement, it means a lot to the universities as they can see a change maker in you.
4. Research Capacity: Universities are under pressure today for external research funding and therefore they require more and more of people who have the capability of taking up extensive research projects. Those students who have exhibited the quality at school or college level would definitely reap the benefits.
Proper guidance helps in aspiring to bring out the best in its students by ethically guiding them and helping them build up their profiles to crack the world’s top universities with scholarships. Motivating the students to choose the best courses as per their potential and evaluate their profile to provide the information based on a wide range of courses and options available across the world, is one of the important traits. Overall, one must understand those top universities today are looking for nothing less than a unique individual.
Thus, the importance lies here in balancing academics with a proper set of planned activities which enhances the profile of the applicant and the process for this can begin as early as class IX.
(The author is Managing Director, PRATHAM International Education Desk)

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